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Passionate Designer

LoveFlash – First ever mobile phone demonstration for human rights

Premium Drink Product

‘Fall in Love’ (artwork)

Blueprint – table

Pride Collection fabric products

P-Art @ Nkpgs Guggenheim

Festival Photo of the Year

‘The Moose Chase’ – A 11 hour real time social media story

Gustav & Alma tattoos

Air Raiders

‘Fed Up’

Rendezvous Chandelier

Angel Chair

Ear Candy


Coat hangers

Tiger Lily

Love Connection

Pride Collection

Crop Carpets Collection

Pride Collection – Chairs

Pride Collection tables

‘May the fourth be with you’

Pride Collection – rug

Photography – Melancholy

Photography – Selfies

Photography – Foodporn

Photography – Cute

Photography – Funny

Photography – Arty

Photography – Animal

Photography – People

Photography – Drama

Photography – Celebs

Photography – Architecture

Photography – Norrköping

Photography – Nature


‘Acta Non Verba JPN’

‘Make Love. Not War’

1 year art mission Norrlandspojkarna


Marvil Bicycles

Pride Romance – LOVE

‘Italian Coffee Stains’

‘Sweden Losing Faith’

Hey, nice to see you here!

Welcome to my designer website. Hope you like my new structure. Some of you found my old page kind of jam packed.
Well, what can I say I have alot to show when it comes to my passions in life.
So, now I’m trying to keep it down and display my creations more. Hope you like what you see.

I hope my designs, projects and other passions will inspire you. Do comment, it always makes my day when you interact.
I love a good and inspiring dialogue.

Wish you a nice day!

:Peter Mäkelä
Passionate Designer


Are you in the look for a creative soul like me don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always in the look for interesting co-operations, producers or projects.

… oh, yeah, I’m a quite social guy so lets keep in touch on InstagramTwitter and Facebook