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The Artist

Peter Mäkelä, born 1973, Stockholm, Sweden.

I grew up in the restaurant and hotel business, a very vagabond like upbringing. With a mother from Finland and a stepfather from Italy – it was a most diverse experience … Not until my later teens I started to find himself  – after experiencing sometime abroad in the United States. But not until I started explore my past that I realized that it was in the creative field I belonged. After years in the advertising business I started my first own design studio, Paizano Design in 2005. Along with creating graphic design for others, designing products and furniture for high end producers I create art when time lets …

I don’t want to label my art and creations, but get inspired by pop artists like Lichtenstein and the renaissance men like Leonardo Da Vinci. The quest is to create something unexpected and think beyond traditional ways.

I want a piece to be aestheticly beautiful and at the same time have a depth to it – sometimes with a unexpected twist. Sometimes with a thoughtful message, sometimes something liberating and humouristic. You never know where the creative process will take you …


 Download English artist presentation (pdf)

 Ladda ner Svensk konstnärspresentation (pdf)



P-Art affisch.

EXHIBITION ‘Tears, Sweat and a Bloody Hipster’

PLACE: Parking house Spiran aka Nkpgs Guggenheim
DATE: During Culture Night on 28 of september – Exhibition from 19:00–good night

During the Culture Night (Kulturnatten) in Norrköping you can see Peter Mäkelä exhibit some of his latest art pieces. The artworks are about death and hope. From a humoristic approach but with a serious undertone. Welcome!

Read more about the P-Art event | Visit the event on Facebook

SEE MY EXHIBITION ‘Tears, Sweet and a Bloody Hipster’ ARTWORKS HERE


PLACE: Norrköpings Stadsbibliotek (Norrköping Public Library)
DATE: During Culture Night on 24 of september – Exhibition between the hours of 15-20 (3 pm–8 pm)

During the Culture Night (Kulturnatten) in Norrköping you can see Peter Mäkelä exhibit one of his most controversial art pieces. This is to raise questions and discussion about out world of today. What do we believe in, today? Do come by for a chit chat about what you see and think about when you see the artwork.

Read blog post about this exhibition here

Visit Culture Night on FacebookVisit Culture Nights website – See notice in NT



PLACE: Länsmuseet Murberget, Härnösand
DATE: January-February (start january 11)

During the exhibition of the legends Nisse Strinning and Nils Lindholm Peter Mäkelä will exhibit and represent contemporary design with his CROP Carpets Collection, Blue Print wallpaper and award winning Angel Chair.


Peter Mäkelä was involved in a one year art mission for the real estate company Norrlandspojkarna.
Read my blog post about the project here.

The project has come to an end. On the 19-20 of november there was an Grand Finale with a exhibition.
The artworks are permanently displayed at Norrlandspojkarnas head office; Heffnersvägen 1, Sundsvall. Do visit.
If you can’t, you can always visit this link and see the pieces right here, right now.

We’re happy to present; Next years art exhibition for NP will be held by the wellknown pop-artist Christian Beijer.


 Read about the thoughts behind the artworks (pdf in Swedish)


PLACE: Paizano Expo, Sundsvall
DATE: May-july 2009

During the months of may and july was the wall installation ‘Identity’ exhibited to the public. This art installation talks about the superficial focus of today … All the items on the wall are private donations. The long term vision of this art piece is to sell it and donate the money to “a good cause”. When the piece will be finnished The amount of interesting donations from people in the public eye will probably determine that. Time will tell. Do you wish to donate a piece of your history, please send a mail to; identity(at)



EXHIBITION – ‘BizArt by Peter Mäkelä’  (2006)

PLACE: A temporary sponsored cellar gallery at Strandgatan 4, Sundsvall
DATE: Aprile-May 2006

The first public introduction of the artist Peter Mäkelä. This exhibition showed the broad range of a the creator; private pieces, business related work, litographys and graphic prints.


– You’re welcome to visit the online shop, once in a while there are some artworks available. ›››