The Design Artist

Peter Mäkelä, born 1973 in Stockholm, and grew up in central parts of Sweden.
With a mother from Finland and a stepfather from Italy – the upbringing was most diverse – which has strongly made me the diverse person I am today.
Design and creating art are two of my greatest passions. I run Kudos Branding & Design (former Paizano Design Studio), since 2005.

I don’t want to label my art and creations, but get inspired by the simplicity of artists like Lichtenstein, Banksy and the brains of renaissance men like Leonardo Da Vinci.

The quest is to create something unexpected and think beyond traditional ways.

I want a piece to be estheticallyattractive and have a depth to it – with a unexpected twist. Sometimes with a thoughtful message and other times something liberating and humoristic.When I begin I rarely know how the piece will end up. I let the creative process guide me.




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