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Nov 19, 2016

Before the Flood

Before the Flood

We need to change earths bad pattern

Before the Flood is yet another eyeopener. And the reminders needs to keep coming until we’ve changed the problem. There is no ignoring what is going on with our planet. The changes has begun. But they must continue. And never end.

To be honest I’ve never really been a great fan of Leonardo DiCaprio but he’s grown with his roles and I this one film might just have won me over. He is a true environmentalist. All tribute to him for that. We All should be!

We must all contribute to the point we can and where we stand. We can all do something to create a better and healthier planet. In my book it’s a mental state of mind we need to embed. Starting with our selves. Passing on to our children. When we do that. The children will teach us back. Something I’ve experienced. It’s a beautiful thing. Many times I’ve been reminded by my son to put the trash in the right place. It puts a smile on my face every time.

It’s not about the great changes. It’s about doing something, and repeat it.


See the whole film and do comment I’d love to hear your thoughts …


At the European premiere in London in October 2016, DiCaprio introduced the film as follows:

“Before The Flood is the product of an incredible three-year journey that took place with my co-creator and director Fisher Stevens. We went to every corner of the globe to document the devastating impacts of climate change and questioned humanity’s ability to reverse what may be the most catastrophic problem mankind has ever faced. There was a lot to take on. All that we witnessed on this journey shows us that our world’s climate is incredibly interconnected and that it is at urgent breaking point.
We wanted to create a film that gave people a sense of urgency, that made them understand what particular things are going to solve this problem. We bring up the issue of a carbon tax, for example, which I haven’t seen in a lot of documentaries. Basically, sway a capitalist economy to try to invest in renewables, to bring less money and subsidies out of oil companies. These are the things that are really going to make a massive difference. We need to use our vote … We cannot afford to have political leaders out there that do not believe in modern science or the scientific method or empirical truths … We cannot afford to waste time having people in power that choose to believe in the 2 percent of the scientific community that is basically bought off by lobbyists and oil companies.”

Source: Wikipedia


written by :Peter

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