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I’ve finally put together a decent webshop. Curious …

Check it out at;

Hope you like what you see. Enjoy!

Any Q’s let me know.


Thank you Tictail for making it happen! :P

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Let me present to you: ‘LOVE CONNECTION’

Finallly I get to present my piece of furniture to the world; the ‘Love Connection’!
Yesterday it was official at Stockholm Furniture Fair.


Here’s the producer Green Furniture Sweden’s words;

“It started with a Love Seat idea – connected armchairs facing each other.
And while connecting, why not connect many (a lot of Love!). And if making
the armchairs from several smaller ‘pieces of pie’, different sizes armchairs
can be made and connecting them can make a winding creation of Love.
Adding straight pieces shapes a sofa and the Love is complete!
Upholstered on a wooden frame with horse hair/natural rubber topped with
wool felt and eco labelled fabrics.”


Inspirational pictures/combinations;


Read more…

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012


I’m starting to look forward to Stockholm Furniture Fair! You’re all welcome to visit Green Furniture Swedens stand. I’ll be representing and introducing my new piece of furniture.

Here’s a sneak peak … where we are test sitting. So can you, live! Come by and say hi!

More updates shortly …

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Intervju < formrepubliken

On 25, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Design Blog, Furniture, Media | By :Peter

Read the interview at the blog, here

The other day I was interviewed by the design blog Formrepubliken. Which is by the way one of Swedens most inspiriational blogs when it comes to design. And I must add – a favorite of mine. So it made my day when I got contacted by Peter Aderstedt, the man behind the site.

Visit the link above to read it. Google Translate it if you’re not Swedish speaking. Enjoy. Hope I get to see you at Stockholm Furniture Fair!

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4 stjärnors middag – Federley


The other day on TV was the new show 4 stjärnors middag (4 Star Dinner), in this episode they visited Fredrick Federley. He made a classic swedish dish called Isterband (which I thought was very daring but cool – I love it). But the most cool thing is that you could see my designs; The dining table with my Blue Print-pattern (green/white) and Pride Romance wallpaper (pink/black) in the bedroom. Looks great in your flat, Fredrick!

See the episode;
4 stjärnors middag | Season 1 | Episode 21 | Kanal 5 Play 

#BluePrint #PrideRomance

At home with Fredrick Federley (article)

In todays Expressens Extra you can read about a nice At Home with-article at the wellknown politician Fredrick Federley. Most fun is that you can see my creations in the newly decorated home, like my wallpaper Pride Romance and table Blue Print.

“Cozy. The wallpaper ‘Pride Romance’ in the bedroom is one of Fredrick Federleys favourites in his flat”

“You can find alot of Fredricks personality in the interior. He chose the wallpaper in his bedroom ‘Pride Romance’ from the ‘Pride Collection’. If you look closely you’ll see it’s really dirty, he says with a big smile and tells us about when he told his mother about it she nearly flipped when she saw the details.”

Fredrick also has a large dinner table with the pattern ‘Blue Print’, in happy “Center party-green”. The pattern is exactly what it’s called a blue print – but over my old flat, and my neighbours!
Read more about Blue Print

You can buy both of my designs, ‘Pride Romance’ and ‘Blue Print’ through my producer Design M (Designmäklarna).

Read the online-article here

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PRIDE COLLECTION [out on market]

Now it’s official; I’M OUT!
Well, my collection is … and it feels great that it’s finally out on the market. People been asking me for a year; When and where!? NOW!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
You can buy the collection here, at the moment:
From the Producer, Design M (Designmäklarna)
Web store;
More places coming out soon.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

See most of the collection here:

Read more…

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My first table!

On 11, Apr 2010 | No Comments | In Design Blog, Furniture, My Designs | By :Peter

Her she is. My first produced table. I call it ‘La Table’ – since it’s made out of laminate, HPL (high pressure laminate) to be exact, and to give at more sophisticated touch. In short you could say it’s an out door  modern french coffee table. It’s supposed to come out in three different sizes; Livingroom table, Coffee table and Bar table. It’s made out of three pieces so it’s easy to ship and handle. And made out of 100% raw paper, so the black color is natural. A cool detail is that the table board is reversable and you can choose between a various selection of different graphic designed patterns.

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 [report]

On 14, Feb 2010 | 8 Comments | In Design Blog, Furniture, My Designs | By :Peter

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 was a great success. It’s hard to sum up the whole amazing week in short. It was so jam packed with exciting meetings, introductions and releases … But I can for sure say that the most fun of it all are all the new and interesting co-operations with aware and openminded producers. That believe in me and my far out ideas! So keep your eyes open soon you’ll see a number of my collections on the market. First out is CROP Carpets Collection for A-Carpet. After that Pride Collection for Design M. And more to come …

Things I will remember for a long time are; The CROP Carpet and green design chat with Maud OlofssonAndrea Ruggieros kind words. The walk about with deputy primeminister, Olle Melkerhed Not-loosing his camera. The release party of Design M’s showroom. And of course all the wonderful visitors and collegues.

Thank you all for your wonderfull support! See you next year.

The popular Crop Carpet stand Deputy primeminister Maud Olofsson stopped by and discussed green design. She loved the rug! The Design Team of Design M (Seller Stand) The wallpaper 'Coathangers' The Pride Romance pattern in the background Table designed by PM in High pressure laminate (hpl) La Table with the Pride Romance pattern The designer in front of his grand mouse; 'Ear Candy'

By the way …
Peter Mäkelä were also the graphic stylist of the ‘Seller – Learn & Earn Stand’ (in the entrance hall), together with Ola Rune (CKR), the artistic consultant.

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Blue Print – table

Here’s interesting table solution – specially for you who likes variation. This table has a reversable solution. Which meens in short that you can have a more far out pattern och one side and a more allround sober one on the other. Cool huh. Here you can se my pattern Blue Print. It’s inspired by my apartment I had when I lived in the historic building Hirschka Huset, in Sundsvall. If you look really close you can even see how it was furnished. I hade some quite famous neighbours as well. But in there flat I just made up how it could look like. But ours is authentic. After drawing our and the neighbours places it took the blue print and rotated it and created this repetitive pattern you can see above.

This pattern is also avaliable as a wallpaper. Orders through the producer Design M.

The below pictures are from Ciao Umeå event last year. You can see my table board on top of a stand from the cool danish HAY. The picture to the right are just samples of the pattern in different colours, from the factory.

Fun info. The politician Fredrick Federley has bought a table just like the green one above. Wonder why he chose a green one? Could it be because he represent the party Centerpartiet … ;)

Read more about it here

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Angel Chair

Angel Chair is a concept furniture made out of transparent acryllic.

See short presentation:

Angel Chair got awarded in Bolia Design Awards 2009. Read more.

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