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Festival picture of the year! (winner)

Got a fun e-mail the other day. It stated I’ve won Festival Picture of the Year at their NT Bråvalla Festival photo challenge.


Bråvalla 2013

Read about it;

I’m a iPhoto nerd. I take pictures all the time, which you can see if you check out my instagram and picture blog.
I can’t help myself. I just love telling stories with pictures. Sometimes my photos are just a diary post, sometimes the act as inspiration but they always say something. At least to me.

Now, I’m a iPad richer, I’ve seen people take pictures with ’em. I don’t know if I’m conviced yet, It just looks stupied and it’s kind of hard to take spontaneous snap shots with it. Which I think my photo strength is.

Follow me on  instagram and my picture blog if you like my photos. Or looking to get inspired.

Wish you a beautiful pictured summer!

Design talk with Decoist magazine (interview)

On 27, Feb 2013 | 8 Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight, Media | By :Peter

During my week at Stockholm Design Week I got contacted by Alex Ion, from Decoist Magazine who wanted to do an interview about Swedish design, my curatorship as Sweden and my design philosophy.
We hung out pretty much all night exchanging interesting thoughts over drinks and finished off the night with a visit to a producer cocktail party. A good night.

Now afterwards I guess you could say the interview’s more about, like a wise follower summed up so well, “Creativity, design & the meaning of life as seen through the eyes of Peter Mäkelä”

››› So get to know me a bit better and read the interview here!

Thank you Alex and Decoist for the nice piece and taking the time to tag along with me, and getting a taste of that Swedish vibe. I’m flattered. 

Want to see some pictures from Stockholm Design Week and Stockholm Furniture Fair? > Look here!


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Stockholm Design Week 2013

All right this years Stockholm Design Week and Furniture Fair has come to an end. So has my Curatorship for Sweden.
It’s been a fun and interesting experiment being the design voice of Sweden for a week. My thumbs are soar from all the twittering. I counted roughly to a 1000 something tweets!!! *must be some kind of record!?* Thank you everyone who has put up with my design nerding through out the week.

Report #2013sff
Stockholm Furniture Fair is interesting to visit. As always I have alot of meetings and between those I try to check out what’s going on at the fair and do some trendscouting. In short I could say. It seems like there are more news this year then last year. Maybe the market is finally changing. Something else I noticed was that alot of designs were focus around meetings. Specially in forms of cubical solutions. In quite futuristic designs. Cubistic design seems hot. I also saw alot of wood, recycled thinking, new exciting materials, eco thinking is growing. Colors I saw a lot of was yellow, orange, grey tones, copper and earth tones. The nordic design is still clean and sober, probably always will. I’m glad their is more playfull color setting that contrast the design aesthetics. In Greenhouse there is always more experimenting going on. Unfortunately I didn’t have that much time to check it out. But I saw some wild and very unswedish designs there. Maybe the future designers of Sweden are more open minded to think outside the box. Which I almost could sum up this years furniture fair as; A colorful strict box for creative meetings.

As always I take pictures like crazy, here are some of my snapshots of designs and different happenings from the design week. Hope they inspire.

– You’re welcome to comment. Always interesting hearing your thougts!

Stockholm Furniture Fair

Read more…

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Curator of Sweden

On 05, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

Follow me >

My name is Peter Mäkelä. I’m a very unswedish yet very swedish swede. My blood is 100% finnish, but I’m born in Stockholm. I grew up with my finish mother and an italian stepfather. I was brought up in the hotel and restaurant business. So I’ve lived all around Sweden and some in Spain and USA. I guess you could say my upbringing was quite… diverse.

I’m a passionate designer. I specialize in graphic, product, furniture and interior design. I also enjoy creating art, when time lets me. Read more about me and my week on @sweden:


Some of my hashtags for the week:



#plog (picture blog)

Fall of Mankind cd out!


Not every day I get to design something for the metal genre!
But when Fall of Mankind asked me it was kind of hard to say no, especially when they told me about their idea; They weren’t looking for the classical cliché type of profiling with skulls, blood and death. Their take on the metal image was Survival! And that’s a highly current subject, in my mind.

We need step up the game when it comes to taking care of our world or it will be the fall of mankind. A very modern take on the genre. And cool!

So let’s rock this world, to the better!

FALL OF MANKIND ››› Like ’em and follow ’em.

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My new year resolution 2013


That’s my new year resolution.

– Keep a curious mind and develope.
– Be open to new things and interesting opportunities.
– Find that extra in life. Enjoy life.
– Take e step back once in awhile and enjoy what I have.
– Personally and creatively.
– Do my thing. Well. For my self and others.
– Get input from right people.
– We all have those things we should do more of. Find it. Do it.
– Follow the heart. Use my heart, in whatever I do.
– Believe in myself and others.

What are your resolutions?
Do you have any professionally? Privately?

Merry X-mas 2012 & Happy New 2013!

On 20, Dec 2012 | No Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight, PLOG | By :Peter

Merry Christmas. *God jul*
This year is coming to an end. It’s been a year of many ups and downs. Both personally and globaly.

Personally, quite challenging economically and family wise. It’s not easy to be a creator and not a business man. *I know it’s been quite a roller coaster for the whole design business*. But I wouldn’t chose any other. This is what I’m meant to do. To create. I’m so lucky to have a wife that understands, supports and respects my calling. *looking forward to the day I can pay it back as generously*

I feel hopeful.

Globaly. What’s going on the world!? Same same I guess. People are messed up. The weather’s all coco. Everythings politics and business. The once who has money wants more. The once who don’t – don’t get a chance to get any. You know the stories.

I feel hopeless.

One of the best things in the beginning of december is the radio/tv-show Musikhjälpen. It brings out the best in people. Brings people together. Makes people open their closed up minds and hearts. A wake up call we need more of! Next year I will do my best to contribute!

There’s hope in humanity.

Personally, the year ended with some interesting and unexpected challenges that inspired me. Which also made me feel appreciated. And I landed some new clients and have some products in the making with exciting brands.

There’s hope in me. Read more…

And finally they found each other!

On 20, Dec 2012 | One Comment | In Art, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

I didn’t get to keep my artwork. I’m glad. I’ve been busting my a** off to finish it. I started working on it a couple of months ago. Then a bunch work, and life, came in the way and I got fed up with it. Which sucked since I really dig it! But sometimes you get to the point you just get sick and tired of your own … stuff. That you need a break from it.

SO, the other day it came back! The inspiration. I worked day and night to finish it up before christmas. Yesterday I finally got to deliver it! *well, my wife did. She was in the area. Tnx Luv* I got to present it shortly through Facetime. To my relief he loved it! What I heard afterward, he took off straight away to the photographer Kristofer Lönnå and took the picture above. And what I can tell they look like two happy mischievous buddies. Kind of remind of each other too. Hmm. Funny.

Anyhow. Now I’m happy that it’s delivered and the client wasn’t fed up, with me.

And they lived happily ever after.

››› Curious about my thoughts behind the ‘Fed Up’ piece? Read about them here.

Funny story … 
I posted the piece on Twitter, and straight away Rolling Stones favourited it!
No, comments from the rockers though, but I guess they liked the tongue! :P

Photo: Kristofer Lönnå

Designtalk on radio P4 today. Listen!

Today I got invited to talk about the life as a designer on the P4 show “Tapet i taket”, with Cia Sivertsdotter and Marie Brauner.  We had a nice chat about the “glamourous” life of a designer, some of my designs and collections and where I find my inspiration …

 Listen to the show › right here, right now!
(in Swedish, of course;)

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Black Box my familys new private project!

Me and my wife been dreaming of a house for a looong time. And now finally it is becoming a reality. We thought we would buy a house. But no. WE’RE BUILDING! And that’s amazing. We never thought …

Anyhow, we will be documenting our journey from start. We want our house to have a complete story. So are you in to architecture, interior design, design you should follow our blog; WWW.THEBLACKBOX.SE

– Welcome inside the box!

Nice Love Connection in Family Living

In this months issue Family Living you can catch a glance of my piece of furniture Love Connection.

Thank you Charlotte Frey Svidén and Family Living.

#LoveConnection #GreenFurnitureSweden #eko

Now a part of the Your Wallpaper team

YES, now you can find my wallpaper design Tiger Lily at Your Wallpaper!
Fun as … yeah, you know!

It’s a great team with many talanted designers, can’t wait for my next pattern to come out …

Check out my Your Wallpaper page/patterns here!
– Enjoy!


My thoughts about Tiger Lily;
“This wallpaper is a homage to the tigers, one of our most exotic and beautiful animals, in the world that are getting extinct. We need to help them so they can flourish again!” 

Our ambition is to contribute with money to save the extinct tigers, for every sqm wallpaper sold.

Be a angel and do something, right away ›››

In the final in Klaus K Living Room-competition!

[UPDATED 120915]
Close but no cigar! It seems like I ended up on third place with my interior design idea. Congrats to Jukka Juhola! Guess my dream of a finnish/back to my roots co-op will have to wait …

Just got the exciting news that my wild-life-out-of-this-earth-field idea/vision has made it to the TOP THREE, in the ‘Klaus K “Living Room” – Change the face of the hotel scene in Helsinki-competition’, at the world renowned design hotel Klaus K!

The winner will be announced tomorrow. WISH ME LUCK!



‘FED UP!’ (artwork)

On 05, Sep 2012 | 2 Comments | In Art, In the Spotlight | By :Peter


Here’s one of my latest artworks. What do you think? Recognize the feeling?

For me it started with that I was sick and tired of all the superficiality, without content. All the people that needs to be somebody no matter what! Like the media wannabes, docu celebs, blog kids and all the bull shit that is all about attention.

I try to speak about being aware from the inside out. Especially when I’m in a business that is all about looks. My mission is to fill that “exterior” with a content. Heart. Thought. Depth. Care …

Now, did the Burberry pattern in the background get to take the fall and take a stand for our status fixation. The fed-eral agent with the styled hairdo acts as a reminder that we should be on our guard not to fall in the wrong patterns. To be aware! The Rolling Stones tongue got to be the final touch of the fed up expression. Which was kind of needed, I thought.

That’s some of my thoughts. Do you agree? Or see/feel something else?

‘FED UP!’ 2012
Size: ~80×80 cm
Technique: Acryllic painting on canvas, stretcher frame.
Delivery: SOLD – (with a Certificate of Authenticity)

Some other fed up people …

“I also get fed up with the fact that casting agents and directors have this impression of me as being frail and petite. I find it very patronizing. I’m quite beefy and strong. I was a gymnast in school and I have lots of muscles.”
Helena Bonham Carter

“I think that all good, right thinking people in this country are sick and tired of being told that all good, right thinking people in this country are fed up with being told that all good, right thinking people in this country are fed up with being sick and tired. I’m certainly not, and I’m sick and tired of being told that I am.”
Monty Python Read more…

Webshop ›

I’ve finally put together a decent webshop. Curious …

Check it out at;

Hope you like what you see. Enjoy!

Any Q’s let me know.


Thank you Tictail for making it happen! :P

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Interview with a football academy manager

On 22, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In In the Spotlight, Inspiration | By :Peter

Today I got interviewed. By a football academy manager! Yeah, talk about a cross over meeting. A very interesting one. We had great and very fascinating chats about the liknesses and differences in our businesses.

It was a lunch and a afternoon of great fun. I think we inspired each other a great deal. Looking forward to your report … *more to come*

#creativity #football #design


Spiritual development in the creative process

Some time ago I participated in a research for a Bachelor Thesis, I’ve finally got around to reading it.
A very interesting paper, I must say.

Are you interested in the mysterious world of creativity, download a pdf-version of the whole paper here;

‘Spiritual development in the creative process’ – By Peter Selander. 2008 (pdf) (only in Swedish)

Guess who I am in it!?

#spirituality #creativity #aesthetics #mystical #development

What an artwork

After I designed the album for Susanne Fellbrink, a lot of people thought, just like I did, that it would make a great artwork! So here’s one finnished and delivered piece. It turned out just as good as a I wanted.

Check out the album design, here.

#artwork #SusanneFellbrink #VilkenKänsla

Important article about my family

This week you can read about me and my family in the national weekly magazine Allas, and how it is to live with hemophilia, in the family.

By the way. Getting a nosebleed is NOT that dramatic as the headline says, okey! ;)


#familylife #hemophilia
#BlödarsjukaFörDummies #SwedishDesignAward


On 29, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In In the Spotlight, Resor | By :Peter

It’s time for a break …

Wish you all a great, sunny, happy, relaxing summer!

Take it easy now! *I sure will, try*


Anything urgent in the making. You know where to find me. ;)


On 26, Jul 2012 | 14 Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

Every month in LAJV Magazine you can see my designspotter-column.
I spot out something Trendy, Something Out of the Ordinary and present a Classic. And rate them!
Do you agree? Share your thoughts …

Lajv Magazine. No 8 – 2012

Lajv Magazine. No 7 – 2012

Lajv Magazine. No 6 – 2012

Read more…

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‘Holy Knight’ (artwork)

On 07, Jul 2012 | 5 Comments | In Art, Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter


This artwork is a special request by a client. His vision was to tell the story of how the temple knights travelled the world and faught for their religous beliefs.

Sometimes a very brutal quest. And hurtfull (as the blood tear indicates).

The reverse cross shows how the cross is the stronger weapon than the sword. And the divine light from behind how god is backing up the knights actions.

This is my intrepretation of my clients idea.

Artist: Peter Mäkelä, 2012
Size: 80×120 cm
Technique: Acryllic, aquarelle and varnish on canvas
Special order by Morgan Srömqvist

And the Willy Award goes to …

Tommy Fondelius › Outstanding Performance
Robert Bergström › Lens Hog of the Year
Andreas Killander › Male Act of the Year
Mikael Bergstöm › Producer of the Year
Jonne Eckenberger › Best Photo and Editing

#musicvideoaward #justforfun

Design cruise ›› WDC helsinki 2012


Tired and inspired!
Talk about a couple of intense days. Not until today I’ve been able to summerize all my pictures and thoughts from this great trip.

The only thing I pretty much missed on this trip was time. But since it’s a cruise back and forth, what can you do. It was still an amazing trip with a lot of new and interesting input and fun people. *Can’t wait to get back work again, with all the new inspiration*

Personally this trip was important to me. Since I’m 100% finnish, but braught up in Sweden. It felt important to honor my roots. Looking forward to go back soon again. And hopefully in the future I get to work with some finnish producers …

Anyhow, check out my pictures from the design cruise, below.
A reminder for you who were there and maybe something inspiring for you who weren’t …

Thank you Svensk Form, Arkitekturmuseet and SVID for a great and inspiring trip!
Hope to see you all soon again.

Peace, love and great design to you all! Sea you.



Read more…

Love Connection @ Sofias Änglar

Yesterday I got the happy news that my furniture Love Connection for Green Furniture Sweden will appear on the TV-show Sofias Änglar. Cool! Fun!

Especially though the shows about helping people/doing good. That’s just the way we like working!

When it will air. Don’t know yet. But I’ll keep you posted!

May the fourth be with you!

Download free high resolution poster! Print it at home and feel the power.

 May4thBeWithU-by-PM-HighRes-Poster (right click and save as …)

Hope you like it. Enjoy!

Feel like ordering a signed original print, check out the Designshop


Info about the illustration/design
The illustration is made with the typeface Futura. My favorite font and a timeless classic!

If you look closely at the illustration you can see the hidden message of “MAY 4″

… and the Y represent a tie. Darth Vader’s dressed up for the occasion. ;)


#May4th #InternationalStarWarsDay #nerdalert

Pecha Kucha Night #15

On 26, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

Välkommen till Pecha Kucha Night 15 den 8 maj 

Plats: Restaurang La Uva, Norrköping
OBS: Förminglet börjar kl. 17. Första talaren kör igång kl. 19.

Bakom mikrofonen denna afton är;

Louise Uggla, VD Kvantvardag > Om landet Tajikistan i centralasien
Johanna Rebillo, Marknadsansvarig LinköpingsBO2016 > Vilken roll dialogen med medborgare spelar i det projektet
Emil Åkerö > Konst som kommunikation och hur man kan använda konst för att stärka sitt varumärke
Kajsa Abrahamsson > Melodifestivalen
Peter Mäkelä, Passionerad designer > Design med storytelling – Att forma ett mervärde
Jonas Ridderström, VD/Verksamhetskonsult Tango Consulting > Det goda värdskapet – It takes two to tango
Pernilla Olausson, Teknologie doktor > Vem är bror? 

Vi hörs!

Kom i tid och mingla och byt visitkort.

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Scooter design > Vintage Rocket!

Some jobs are more odd than others.
Not everyday I get to decorate a scooter with matching outfit. Here’s a taste of what I came up with!


#retro #design

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Svensk Form board member!

On 29, Mar 2012 | 15 Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

On wednesday the 30th I was elected to be a new board member in Svensk Form Öst. Which is really fun and flattering. Now I can’t wait to get started and do my best to make a change in the region. I will do my best to raise awarness when it comes to design.

Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) is a not-for-profit membership association mandated by the Swedish government to promote Swedish design at home and abroad.

Svensk Form’s goal is to demonstrate the benefits of good design to social development, to stimulate the development of design in Sweden, to increase respect for the value of design work and to expand and deepen attitudes towards issues of form and design.

Want to know more, visit

If you are interested in design you should support and become a member. As a member you’ll get the inspiring FORM Magazine for free. And of course join us in different design and cultural events. One of my favourite happenings are Pecha Kucha, a very rapid and fun way of presenting … whatever actually. It’s up to the speaker!

We’re always looking for speakers. All kinds of speakers. Are you interested send me a mail, and just tell me what you do or what you’d like to talk about!


Picture my life!


I recently started a picture blog. Mainly because I take pictures of everything all the time and I needed to do something fun with all my 9000 pictures (and counting)!
And I’m more of a picture person then a writer, to boost up my updating frequence a couple of notches I will start speaking and inspring through my pictures!

Hope you like it. Noticed that my website/blog is the of the most visited professional site! Fun.


Welcome to follow my picture blog at;

#inspiration #designlife vs #familylife #snapshots #storytelling #mylife #design #whateverstandsinmyway



Wish to use some of the pictures? Please send a request to; request(at)



What a feelin’!

Here’s the cd-cover I’ve been working on quite hard the past week. I got pretty much free hands on what to do. When I listened to Susanne Fellbrinks album Vilken Känsla (What a feeling) I feelt it was a very personal – So my expression had to go the same way and become more arty. Here below are the artworks for the album. What do you say …

Here’s the album design;

Are you feelin’ it?

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Let me present to you: ‘LOVE CONNECTION’

Finallly I get to present my piece of furniture to the world; the ‘Love Connection’!
Yesterday it was official at Stockholm Furniture Fair.


Here’s the producer Green Furniture Sweden’s words;

“It started with a Love Seat idea – connected armchairs facing each other.
And while connecting, why not connect many (a lot of Love!). And if making
the armchairs from several smaller ‘pieces of pie’, different sizes armchairs
can be made and connecting them can make a winding creation of Love.
Adding straight pieces shapes a sofa and the Love is complete!
Upholstered on a wooden frame with horse hair/natural rubber topped with
wool felt and eco labelled fabrics.”


Inspirational pictures/combinations;


Read more…

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012


I’m starting to look forward to Stockholm Furniture Fair! You’re all welcome to visit Green Furniture Swedens stand. I’ll be representing and introducing my new piece of furniture.

Here’s a sneak peak … where we are test sitting. So can you, live! Come by and say hi!

More updates shortly …

#sff12 #sdw2012 #LoveConnection #GreenFurnitureSweden #petermakela

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On 31, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In Design Blog, iBlog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

THE END. It’s been a tough year on the personal level – to be honest I’m kind of looking forward to it ending. And even more looking forward to the new year. A new beginning. A year of happiness and realization!
THE BEGINNING. Let’s make 2012 the best year ever!

Thanks for all love and support during 2011.

:Peter with love

New Casino Cosmpol chips!

Finally, I got them in my hand! I’m talking about the new game chips I’ve designed for Casino Cosmopol. Feel great in the hand. Looks good too. *happy designer*



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‘Look back’

On 21, Dec 2011 | 2 Comments | In Art, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

At the moment I’m pretty much in to creating photographic artworks. Here’s one of my latest one’s, ‘Look Back’.

Want to be a part of this artwork?
Set your own message (word) and choose a favorite color. We’ll both sign it.
Here below you can see some examples of intergrated artworks.
You can order through the Designshop.


#photographic #art


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‘Deaf, Dumb & Blind’

On 27, Nov 2011 | 10 Comments | In Art, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

The artwork is inspired by the classic picture of the three monkeys who’s cover the ears, mouth and eyes. (hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing). This humouristic interpretation is more familial. As a parent, partner or child you sometimes stop listening, pretending not to see or just feel plain and simply stupied! These rolls vary of course. Family life are quite similar to caged up monkeys. Wonderful or just crazy.

This is my interpretation. What’s yours?


Artist: Peter Mäkelä, 2011
Format: 160×80 cm
Technique: Acrylic, varnish and spray can on canvas.
Buyer: Anonumous

See/read more about PM’s art here

#artwork #inspiration

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Project ‘HomeLess’ in action!

On 24, Nov 2011 | 13 Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

[HomeLess*=A creative work away experiment]

For a couple of weeks time I will move my creative workspace elsewhere and get away from my studio at home! I will post daily updates …

HomeLess stands for working less at home and getting away more. Putting myself out there – getting the feel of being homeless in a work kind of way. Pushing myself to make it work, where ever I am! A humouristic touch is that the word “Less” means being sick and tired of something, in my case working at home in my studio.

My main goals for this experiment are; Get inspired, get more focused, be more social, networking and finding energy needed for that particular day. Some places are meant to be energy boosters and creative areas others quiet and calm for ex. planning, and so on. Every place will contribute something. Whatever it is, we’ll see. It’s an interesting experiment however …
… I hope people will find this as inspiring as I do.

Place 12


PLACE; S:t Anna archipelago, Swedish east coast
WORKDAY; Creating a pattern collection out of the ordinary!
MUSIC; Classical in the morning … Rock during the day and House at night
SUMMARY; A totally well needed and pretty well spent days. Got a lot done on the collection. The best times were those not in front of the computer, like my daily ocean walks and glass of red in front of the fire place. A truly calm and nice place. I will spend many quality hours here in the future!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Place 11


PLACE; The Lamp Hotel and Ardor restaurant
WORKDAY; Pressrelease, art info, applications … hopefully something creative work as well!
MUSIC; Buddha Chill Session – The Bar Lounde Edition
SUMMARY; Had a great and inspiring day here! Got alot of boring work done and even had time for some creative work. Solved a puzzle I’ve been working on mentaly for quite some time! A goood day, I’ll say. Btw, one of my favourite places so far. |

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Place 10


PLACE; Clarion Hotel Stockholm
WORKDAY; Meetings, inspiration and sketching.
MUSIC; Classical – Albinoni and Yo-Yo Ma – Cello music.
SUMMARY; A very modern and cool atmosphere. I really enjoyed the different places you could sit and work at. The livingroom was a favourite! And a great view at the back …

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Place 9


PLACE; Kulturhuset, Stockholm
WORKDAY; Meetings, marketing and planning.
MUSIC; The sound of people chit chatting and enjoying wine and dine.
SUMMARY; A place with a nice view over the city and the famous square Sergels torg. A great place to have short meetings – it’s in the middle of everything in Stockholm. Not so great to work and be creative in.

Read more…

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Pecha Kucha – My secret recipe!


Last night I held a Pecha Kucha speech in Norrköping. At restaurant La Uva to be exact.
I shared ‘My secret recipe on how I became a passionate designer’

Here below you can see my 20×20 slides; 
(in swedish)



Next Pecha Kucha Night is on the 5th of december. Be there!

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Release party Design M Collection

On the 25th we had a release party for our Design M Collection – at one of Electrolux Home shops in central Stockholm. It was a great night with lots of people and a whole lot of fun.

Soon the collection will reach out 60 Electrolux Home shops around the country! My first pattern out is Blue Print. A couple of more are coming out soon.

Here’s a sneak peak from that evening;




Check out more pictures from our release at

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Silver Swedish Design Awards 2011

Silver to Peter Mäkelä and Anna Tollwé

Yeay, me, my wife Anna and FBIS (Swedish Hemophilia Society) won the silver medal in the Swedish Design Awards 2011!

For the information/educational material; ‘Blödarsjuka för Dummies’ (Hemophilia for Dummies) We’re so happy that all our hard work is being recoqnized.

Love and thanks for your support!

 Visit Swedish Design Awards on Facebook 

Check out ‘Blödarsjuka för Dummies’ here! < older post

 Visit FBIS web

Ur Folkbladet 2011-10-10;
Designern Peter Mäkelä och art director Anna Tollwé från Norrköping vann silver när Svenska Designpriset delades ut på Moderna Museet. De fick priset för sin produkt Blödarsjuka för Dummies, ett informations- och utbildningsmaterial som distribueras av Förbundet Blödarsjuka i Sverige.
– Vi är jättestolta med vårt silver. Speciellt när man ser till konkurrensen, som bestod av de största och mest meriterade reklambyråerna i landet. Vår son är själv blödarsjuk och vi tycker att det är viktigt att få ut informationen på ett nytänkande sätt, vilket har tagits emot oerhört positivt, säger Peter Mäkelä.

Svenska Designpriset är en årlig tävling för alla inom grafisk kommunikation så som reklambyråer, förlag, informatörer, tidningar, webbyråer, grafiska formgivare.

Läs hela artikeln


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Culture Night 2011 – Exhibition

On 25, Sep 2011 | No Comments | In Art, Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

During Culture Night (Kulturnatten) on the 24 of september I exhibited my artwork ‘Sweden Losing Faith’ as an installation. This art piece is not one of my latest work but probably one of my most important ones! It’s message will never go out of date. So this is one of the main reasons I wanted it to be exhibited on a important night the Norrköping Culture Night is. I’ve been looking for quite some time to find a perfect place to build up my installation. When I started to research places one of my top pics were the Public Library. It’s one of my favourite modern buildings in the city (drawn by Sten Samuelsson in 1968), and the country for that matter. I immediately fell in love with it’s exciting angles and especially it’s concrete walls (with wooden structre!) – In short a Perfect place to display a strong message. The installation became a beautiful display of contrasts and at first glance a hard hitting shout out. But in the long run a hopeful message …

Your thoughts
The beauty about this piece is that it’s not just one message. It’s what You see and feel. To me it says different things every time … What I thought was most interesting was to listen to your thoughts and reflections about the piece/installation. Here’s some thoughts;

– Swedish flag; Most visitors reacted on the swedish flag. Which is negatively associated with racism, within Sweden. A symbol that rarely no one dares to display except during correct holidays. We’re to affraid of being stamped as racists. This annoys and sadens …
– The cross is also a symbol that raises questions. Most people see it as it’s being taken down from the wall. We’re losing faith. Belief in general – in fellow man, in the world, in the church …
– Helping hand. There is hope in the world. We’re reaching out and helping in a better way today. Thanks to internet and the quick awareness …
– Losing belief. Material world. We don’t believe in a higher being. We’re materialists and believe in money and carriers ..
– Disturbance. The world is out of balance – we need to find ways to stabilize everything again.
– Satanic cross. Alot of evil is out there and the world is becoming a harder place to live in.

… What do you see!? Comment below. – *more thoughts will be posted* 

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I’m featured in a two spread article in the latest issue of THINK MAGAZINE 009 – The Earth Issue.
We talked about the carpet collection, my latest lighting design, Rendezvous, which I got Award of honour at Green Furniture Award and how I like to work with storytelling in my creations …

Read the article at the official website ( or the short link below;

Thank you THINK MAGAZINE for a nice piece!

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Design against cancer

On 03, May 2011 | No Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter


DESIGN AGAINST CANCER är ett bra innitiativ som bara måste stödjas!
Har du ett designintresse eller ännu hellre vill utplåna cancern – Gör som jag och flera andra skänk en symbolisk summa (50 kr) via FormrepublikenCancerfondens webbsida.

eller gör så här, här och nu;

SMS:a BESEGRA 4845 till 72988 för att skänka 50 kr till insamlingen.
Om du skriver in ditt namn efter insamlingens id-nummer kommer det att synas på gåvan.
Annars blir din gåva presenterad som anonym.
Exempel: BESEGRA 4845 Johan Ek

– Hmm, man kanske ska ta och supporta rent visuellt också med att forma till sin mustasch och skägg …

Formrepublikens inlägg om min mustasch

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Donation thanks to you!

On 28, Apr 2011 | No Comments | In Design Blog, Fans, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

Thank You for helping Japan!

We recently made a donation to Red Cross and their project for helping Japan back on it’s feet.
And this has only been possible thanks to your purchases of the graphic print ‘Acta Non Verba JPN’ (where the Whole profit is donated)

It is still possible to buy this specially designed print and make a contribution … There’s a few left!
So hurry and  order through

If you feel like supporting through other designers, artist and world brands check out this great site;, where we all are gathered.

For a nicer tomorrow!

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The other day I was looking through my artworks and I saw my piece ‘Acta Non Verba’ … at the same time I was going through my latest tweets and saw the brilliant initiative “PA¥ FOR JAPAN” (!

So who am I to talk, I need to do like my artworks says; “Act. Not just talk”.

Here’s my small contribution …

Contribute by buying the artwork ‘Acta Non Verba JPN':
The WHOLE profit will be donated to the affected in Japan!

“Inspired by the own piece ‘Acta Non Verba’ (Action. Not Words). When I was going through my own creations I saw the original piece and felt it’s time for Me to act and stop talking – in a way I do best … The redball’s shadow is also a hole. It’s time to act before it’s too late!”

Check out the other contributions buy my fellow creators at PAYFORJAPAN.COM.

Here’s some cool stuff from A bathing Ape, Weiden Kennedy, Lady GaGa och Stüssy …



Happy Pi-day!

Today we celebrate the important Pi-day!
Well, important I don’t know. But at least it’s another reason to eat a piece of pie and enjoy a pint of beer!

Wikipedias word on π-day;
“Pi Day
is a holiday commemorating the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 (or 3/14 in month/day), since 3, 1 and 4 are the three most significant digits of π in the decimal form. In 2009, the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day.

* * * * * * *

In the CROP Carpets Collection you can find a tribute to Pi, our ‘Barbury Castle’-carpet, aka Pi-carpet! Check it out at

Example colors …

See all rugs at;
And … Read about the story behind the Pi-carpet here! (it’s most fascinating)

If you get the sudden urge to order this unique piece of carpet, you can do so through PMs Designshop.

Utvalt av Mia Masnic

In the latest issue of the interior design magazine Vårt Nya Hem (no 3) you can see a notice of ‘Golden Ball’-rug, from the CROP™ Carpet Collection. Nice. Thanks Mia Masnic and VNH!

A magazine well worth checking out, by the way!

“Prisad möbeldesigner har något att berätta”

On 28, Feb 2011 | 24 Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight, Media | By :Peter

Det blev även en trevlig artikel i NT, i helgen. Det tackar vi för.
Nu är det verkligen officiellt att jag bor och verkar i Norrköping! ;)

Här kan ni läsa artikeln online

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Award of Honour

Green Furniture Award 2011

Peter Mäkelä
’Rendezvous Chandelier’

The motivation of the jury;
”Shines a light on personal meetings and communication thanks to its sweeping multiplication of face silhouettes.”

What do you get if you put 32 bald guys together!? ;)

See all the winners at the Green Furniture-web

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Nils Möbler + Konceptuella möbler

Två profiler inom den moderna möbelformgivningen kommer från Västernorrland. Båda två heter de Nils. Den världsberömde Nisse Strinning är en av dem. Grundaren av Europamöbler, inredaren Nils Lindholm, den andre.

Möbeltillverkning och kända storsnickare har en lång historia i länet. Både hantverksskicklighet och formkänsla ger sig till känna i länsmuseets samlingar. Den produktion som bär Nisse Strinning och Nils Lindholms märke hör hemma i en modernistisk tradition från 1950-, 60- och 70-tal. De bildar en bro mot samtiden och framtiden.

Det fjärde tillägget i utställningen Nils möbler+ visar formgivning där designern tänker utanför ramarna och utvecklar koncept som inte är begränsade av dagens teknik och material. Samtliga möbler som visas i utställningen är formgivna av designers som finns i eller har anknytning till länet. Peter Mäkelä är en av dessa möbelvisionärer.

Peter Mäkelä kommer att ställa ut en digital visualisering på den prisbelönta konceptstolen Angel Chair och en av mattorna, Golden Ball, från CROP Carpets Collection samt ett par nytänkande tapetmönster.

Utställningen har premiär den 11 januari 2011.

Läs mer om utställningen på Murbergets webbsida

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Covered in LAJV Magazine

On 06, Dec 2010 | 3 Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight, Media | By :Peter

In this month of LAJV Magazine you can read a article about me. I share my thoughts about the design business, my creative process, role models, and my latest art project … and more.

LAJV-reportage-m-PM.pdf (the easy to read pdf-article) –In Swedish

Visit LAJV and read the article online (p. 12-14)  (google translate)

Photos by Kristofer Lönnå and Olle Melkerhed

Read more…

Peter Mäkelä FÖR Norrlandspojkarna (Exhibition)

On 26, Nov 2010 | 7 Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

The ART mission for Norrlandspojkarna is over. Done. Finnished. The exhibition went well. Alot of people showed up, and the response was overwhelming. I feel proud, honoured and a little blue. Well, I always do when a large project has come to an end. I guess it’s because I get so emotionally envolved in the work process …

… Anyhow, the artworks are permanent, so if you didn’t get the chance to show up during my exhibition you can always visit the head office of NP (Heffnersvägen 1, Sundsvall), or see the pieces right here, right now:

Read about the thoughts behind the artworks (pdf in Swedish)
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Blödarsjuka för Dummies

It’s about bloody time – It’s finally finnished!
We started working on this important product about a year ago – and here it is. You may wonder why this product even exists. Well, there are so much prejudices and lack of knowledge about hemophilia. So we felt it’s important to get the information out there, to family, friends and the public. We chose to do it in a lighter and slightly humoristic manner, in a way easy to grasp and fun to read, also appeal to broader target group.

Please take the time and read through it. See the previews or the whole pdf-brochure on the links below. We would appreciate if you spread this broschure to others you think would consider this information important. Thank you.

See/download the whole broschure – or get your own copy through:

FBIS (Föreningen blödarsjuka i Sverige/Swedish Hemophilia Society)
Send a mail to FBIS or visit

Thank you to everyone involved. Great job you all!

(This has been a Paizano Pro Bono-project)

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PM™ Wallpapers out on market (pdf)

Download latest version of ‘PM-Wallpapers-low.pdf’

Welcome to my collection of wallpapers and patterns. I get alot of questions about all my patterns and especially how to order them. Mainly my wallpapers and patterns are used by interior designers and architects. So they can appear non existing.

My vision is that all my designs are available to everyone. Here’s a short presentation of the patterns, my thoughts and how to go about to get them. Hope you like what you see.

All wallpapers are non woven; which means that they are seamless and are mounted edge to edge. The wallpapers are durable, strong and has a high opacity. They are also easy to wipe. All the patterns are digitally printed. When it’s time to remount, there is no need for joint sanding and use of filler. Just put the new one on top of the old. Hopefully you’ll find my patterns timeless and will enjoy them for a long time.

Some patterns are even available on products, as; reversable table tops, splashbacks (kitchen), tray tables, chairs, trays, coasters …
See each specification for details.

All patterns come in a broad variety of colour settings. Is there a specific colour combination you’re looking for don’t hesitat to ask us. We’re more than happy to help.

Wedding rings designed by Love

I’ve always dreamt of designing jewelry … so when I got married I just had to design my first ring to my loving wife!

Here’s the story behind the story
It’s not easy designing something for that person that means the world to you. Especially a wedding ring! She’s going to wear that piece for the rest of our lives … and you certainly don’t want to eat it up for the reeest of our lives *I’m almost starting to sweat again, like I did when I came up with the idea* But no guts, no glory, right!?

I like working with sublime symbolism in my creations. And when it comes to love it’s always very cliché. So my mind started thinking about us in terms of numbers. My number has always been 7 and my spouse’s 21. The tricky part was how to interact it in our rings – in a non tacky way. So I came up with this riddle;


So what was I going to do with it!?

My typface has always been Futura (it’s very clean and timeless and has a nice touch of retro feel to it), so I started sketching with the number 7 in that specific typface. I came up with the idea that the three 7s should hold the diamond. In a protective kind of grip. And multiplied together they become 21. Problem solved! My wife came up with the splendid idea that I should have 7 small stones on the side of my ring. First I was kind of sceptic to it, though I’ve never been very fond of diamonds for my self. But the more I thought about it I thought it was … brilliant! Problem two solved. What a teamwork! *This marriage is off to a good start* So all I had to do now was to finalize my sketches and find a goldsmith that believes in the idea. And I did. See picture documentation of the process below.

Step by step:

So, what’s your verdict?

Special thank you to Håkan at Ateljé 15, Norrköping. For your great patience and craftmanship.

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In memory of daddy-tattoo

Once in awhile I get a request that my soft heart can’t say no to … and of course not charge for either.
Passing of a father must be one of the toughest things a child can go through. And to honour that special bond with something everlasting – it should be made out of respect, care and beauty.
Hope this simple gesture will inspire you along Your path through life.

My thoughts …
In my illustration I’ve tried to captivate the essence of their relationship and other important symbolism, like:
– Eternal love/bond
– Sorrow and happiness
– Recovery and regrowth
– Darkness and hope

Still try to keep a maskuline look, with a tad of feminine touch. That’s the way I see the future man. A man who’s naturally manly but yet not afraid of showing he’s feminine side.

The picture above is just a photo montage – where the final placing of the tattoo will be is under discussion.

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At home with Fredrick Federley (article)

In todays Expressens Extra you can read about a nice At Home with-article at the wellknown politician Fredrick Federley. Most fun is that you can see my creations in the newly decorated home, like my wallpaper Pride Romance and table Blue Print.

“Cozy. The wallpaper ‘Pride Romance’ in the bedroom is one of Fredrick Federleys favourites in his flat”

“You can find alot of Fredricks personality in the interior. He chose the wallpaper in his bedroom ‘Pride Romance’ from the ‘Pride Collection’. If you look closely you’ll see it’s really dirty, he says with a big smile and tells us about when he told his mother about it she nearly flipped when she saw the details.”

Fredrick also has a large dinner table with the pattern ‘Blue Print’, in happy “Center party-green”. The pattern is exactly what it’s called a blue print – but over my old flat, and my neighbours!
Read more about Blue Print

You can buy both of my designs, ‘Pride Romance’ and ‘Blue Print’ through my producer Design M (Designmäklarna).

Read the online-article here

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Promo-posters for CROP Carpets

We have several designs stores that is interested in selling the CROP Carpets Collection. Now they are starting to ask for promotinal material. Here’s a collection of posters. A couple of them are going to print. They question is which one’s … Help us! Which one’s your favourite?

Read more…

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A nice spot in the magazine Sköna Hem

In this months (10-2010) issue of the interior magazine Sköna Hem you can find this nice little spot of the CROP Carpets Collection. Interesting swedish side story the brought up. Read it. Any story you recognize? Anyhow, fun and thank you Sköna Hem.

“Formgivaren Peter Mäkelä fascineras av de mystiska cirklarna som dök upp från ingenstans i sädesfält under 1980 och 90-talen. Epidemin började i Enlgand och sommaren 1993 fick Sverige sitt första fall: “Mystisk cirklar i Harplinge kan vara spår av flygande tefat” skrev tidningarna, och ufo-teorierna haglade ända tills konstnärer och studentkompisar trädde fram och erkände sina upptåg. Men Peter Mäkeläs CROP Carpets håller liv i mystiken. TIllverkas i handtuftad ull i flera mönster och en mängd färger.”

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Umeå Pride & Charity Dinner 2010

Pride Umeå has come to an end, for me. At writing moment I’m sitting on the train home. My flight to Stockholm went well *I survived once again* Anyhow, The showing of Pride Collection and Charity Dinner went well. All my tray tables got sold! We even did better than we did in Stockholm, which is kind of weird but fun! So more money to RFSL this time.

I’ve met so many new, fun and interesting people during my visit in Umeå. So thank you Simon, Jörgen, Robin, Thim, Kerstin, Anna T, Sarah and everybody else I know …

Today the Pride Collection gang is going out to party, Personally I’m just looking forward to come home and snuggle up with my family, in front of the TV, and watch Mr Federlay shake his ass on Dansfeber.

I’m tired and beat. Maybe I should take the day off on monday …

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RFSL Honour Prize 2010

Today I received a prize!
Wow I’m flattered, and really glad that our work with Pride Collection is finally starting to get noticed.

“– Thank you soo much for the award Sundsvall Pride 2010. I’m honoured and proud. It’s also important to say that I’m just one piece in the puzzle. It’s thanks to Designmäklarna this collection is a reality. I want to encourage everyone to check out Pride Collection and start buying some cool stuff. If you dig my stuff I would be equally honoured and glad …”

Time to celebrate. Cheers!

To night I will sleep really well and have the sweetest of dreams.

Check out the more info about the collection and where to buy it

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PRIDE COLLECTION [out on market]

Now it’s official; I’M OUT!
Well, my collection is … and it feels great that it’s finally out on the market. People been asking me for a year; When and where!? NOW!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
You can buy the collection here, at the moment:
From the Producer, Design M (Designmäklarna)
Web store;
More places coming out soon.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

See most of the collection here:

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Now YOU can bring home the mystery!
Exciting huh!? We’re very excited. The response has been amazing and alot of you have really shown that you like the collection, especially on the Facebook-group. Thanks.

Next market is Great Britain! And the brits really love their crop circles. And we love the brits!
So it’s bound to be a happy connection. Three stores in London are under discussion …

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
You can buy the collection here, at the moment:
From the Producer, A-Carpet
See A-Carpets news/press release
Web store; buy through paiSTORE
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The CROP Carpets Collection:

Check out the Facebook group! – Support be a fan!
Get in the mood, check out the ‘ALIEN CROP MIX’ at Spotify

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