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Nov 17, 2016

Failure defeats losers

Who wants to be a loser?

Failure defeats losers it’s said. Who wants be one. The answer is of course NO. But what do we do about it. It’s like our natural mental mode is to give up, lick our wounds and feel sorry for our selves. My personal theory is that it comes from our past, like most of our traits. The good thing is that it’s never to late to change a mental state of mind.

My personal upbringing was a bit … rough. And I’ve noticed through out the years that it brought a long a winner instinct. For good and bad. As I’ve grown older and wiser I’ve come to learn it’s not about winning it’s about not giving up and doing the best you can. When you do that you will feel like a winner. To be concrete I’ve stopped trying to win everything I get in to. I focus on doing the best to MY ability, at that moment (important add). And I often do Not win – and it’s okay. I always feel pretty darn good afterwards, just because I did it! And I learn something along the way. That makes the whole effort worth it.


Failure defeats losers



written by :Peter

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