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Dec 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017

The new beginning!


The crazy year of 2016 has finally come to an end

Great ones has past away, crazy ones has gotten in charge and the planet’s in worse shape then ever.
It’s been a sad year with lot of loss.

Even if the bad news has been running the show there has also been more love then ever. The inventions that do good has boosted. The overall knowledge and support is booming. That brings hope for the future.

Even my personal year’s been a mess. With a lot of draining issues when it comes to a house and cars that needs constant fixing, kids that takes a lot of attention and energy, A wife that I lack quality time with, a business that is a roller coaster ride and then some …
Even if I love all of the above it wears you out. It’s tiring being on top of things. I’m glad I’m a problem solver to the core. The house and cars are just material things it will be solved one by one, in time. The kids I give them more love then things. My wife and I have are planning in more We Time. And Own Time, for that matter. My design business has come to an new area with new exciting clients that I love working with! It will all work out as long as you try to working it out.

With all that in mind I feel inspired and can’t wait to take the step into the year of 2017. A new year to me is a new beginning. I like to see it a start over. Not from scratch, more from a point where I stand. A evolutionary step forward. I feel strong again and look forward to what is coming.

With love & inspiration


My resolutions for 2017

I will not eat less – I will eat better and more wisely
I will not try to look younger – I will look forward to aging
I will not try to be perfect – I will work on what makes me happy
I will not start going to the gym – I will work out when I feel like it
I will not buy more fun things – I will invest in those things that last a long time
I will not be more social – I will plan my time and spend it wisely with good friends
I will not give more money to the needy – I will give them love, support and my knowledge


written by :Peter

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