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Dec 15, 2016

Hidden messages

Hidden messages in a logo build pride

Through my years as a designer and Art Director I’ve dug in to the science of creating the perfect logotype for a brand or business. Now I’m not talking about the obvious like the perfect typography and composition. I’m thinking about the hidden messages.

I’d like to call it symbolism. Some are for show others for just you (as a business) to know.

Many times when I’ve presented a logo with my thoughts I’ve seen the clients face shine up – then I know I nailed it.

How about an example of my way of thinking …


Mark Wilson – a new client of mine – works with “mobile chargers”. After analyzing the company’s future products, vision and tone of voice I came up with a fairly crazy design idea. A art deco inspired design that peeks in to the future. How can that even work some might think!?


Let’s build up the picture together.


1. A company long term vision should always be growth. Not just economy wise. In quality, being better and so on. It will have it’s downs – but also it’s ups!

2.  Today we’re always connected. In some way. Either through the net. Or by a charging cable.

3. It’s about being ON. Online. On the phone, on time and on top of things. SO ON.

4. Contact. Plug in and get charged up. USB-plug.

Hidden messages

5. The Wow-factor. Your product/company needs that X-factor the you clients just love.

Hidden messages

6. Last and maybe the most important symbol. The charge flash.

Hidden messages

… are you building up the picture by now?

Probably just got more confusing. There are some more but I won’t dig in to those – you get the picture.











So, let’s put all these parts together! Here’s the logotype in a positiv flat version:


Here’s a positive version with effects, and payoff:

And to even take it a step further I made the main logotype negative to get that metallic high tech look:


– Is this what you saw?
– Do you see the messages?
– Can you feel its power?


Back to the beginning. By working with sublime messages my point is that you build pride, joy and vision.
A strong base in a brand.

Why make it simple when you can make it simply out standing. 😉

Any thoughts?

:Peter Mäkelä
Paizano Design Studio


written by :Peter

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