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Inspiration from My crib

On 27, May 2011 | 2 Comments | In Design Blog, iBlog | By :Peter

A bookshelf of today is not what it used to be!
Today we read and get most of our information from the net. So, the bookshelf is more of a dust collector. So what I spy with my designer eye is that we use it more and more as a display area!

Here’s 10 things I display at the moment …

1) My sons hand and footprint (plaster). A pair of baby clog shoes (a fun gift from a dear friend).
2) My own designed Pride Collection coasters – easy to grab (and show off, of course ;)
3) The “Hot Spot”. My wifes wedding gift (morgongåva); A pair of Jimmy Choos. A firey painting by Svenåke Boströms/K-G Dymarek (that had a exhibition in my gallery ’09). This piece caught my eye.
4) A 2-piece acryllic painting of my wife I painted in 2005.
5) My favourite animated movie is The Incredibles and so when I ran in to Mr Incredible in N.Y., one day, He just had to come with!
6) Wallpaper City Guides! Which I collect and always bring when we go abroad. A Hot tip if you’re in to design, art, dining out and city vacations!
7) Books of display value …
8) Design lamp. If you remove a section you can easily set up a lamp or two. Lighting is one of the most important things to think of when interior decorating.
9) Oilpainting by my grand mother Irma Mäkelä – Cigar humidor (easy access to the goodies).
10) Inspirational magazines.

As you can see it’s quite easy to squeeze in a bunch of exciting things that adds to the interior. One thing my guest especially like is the interaction of the paintings. I have three in my bookshelf! Which you don’t really think of. So, if you have a painting that doesn’t really match your style – this is a perfect way of hiding/showing up those pieces. My granmas painting is a perfect example of that. Her style is a bit old school. But I love the painting so I just couldn’t store it in a box. With a spotlight and a “secretive” exposure it got the perfect exposure! Now I find myself looking at it and thinking of quite alot …

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  1. Mattias Gustafsson

    Kom ihåg att du pratade om tips till din designblogg.. här kommer ett kul tips..Arne Jacobsens egna villa som dockhus. Minimii har gjort en 1.16 modell av huset som byggdes 1929 och som står i Charlottenlund, Köpenhamn. .. modellen släpptes i september/oktober 2010…

    • Kul med Arne J:s minimii-hus! Ska kolla lite närmare på det vid tillfälle. Tack.

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