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Dec 6, 2016

Keep Calm

Keep Calm

Keep calm we’ll solve it! Is something I tell my clients all the time. Last time today, actually! I’ve come to the simple conclusion that this is what I am. A problem solver. And my tool is design.

Many times I’ve noticed when I solve a problem with the help of design it starts a chain reaction in the company. A positive one, important to add. It inspires the company to move forward – It visualizes something that didn’t really exist – and most important it puts the business or brand in a position that they can see and FEEL the potential  – Creates Pride!

When I see those things I know I did a good job. Happy client – Happy designer.

Back to the client today. He was quite scattered, he had so much on his mind and so many ideas. That he didn’t know right from wrong. And tried to solve them during our meeting and I said straight out “Keep calm, give me all the info and problems and I’ll get back to you. We’ll fix it, together. But let Me think – first.” And he smiled and looked very relieved and said that what he needed to hear right then and there.

Puzzle(d) guy

To my big surprise, through out all the years I’ve been working in the creative field is that I’m almost equally passionate about solving problems as I am designing! I’ve never really thought about it before. I guess it’s on autopilot. It’s like a great jigsaw puzzle I just have to solve! And I know there is always a way putting it together. You just need to start laying out the pieces.

That’s pretty much what I do all day long. Solve design problems. Like a pro. So my clients can stay calm and mind their own business.

Keep Calm! 


Curious about some of the problems I’ve solved for others check out Paizano Design Studio.


… yes, I also like playing with words. 😉


written by :Peter

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