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My story

The best trips to make are those not planned. My journey in to the design business was anything but traditional and straight on. Let me tell you.

I’ve always been good at drawing and had a nice handwriting. But those two talents wasn’t easy building a trade on as a youngster searching for that perfect job …

I was born in Stockholm 1973. Grew up in the restaurant and hotel business with my finnish mother and italian stepfather. We lived all around the country, even in Spain for some time. Most diverse – You can imagine. In my teens I lived in the USA on and off short periods of my life, competed in Tae Kwon Do in Sweden and abroad, became a military ranger with purpose of being a UN-soldier, was a radion host, was in to adrenaline sports and the list goes on … In short, I’ve always had a competative mind – and never been afraid of throwing myself into challenges.

It wasn’t until ’96 I realized that I could combine my two talents I had when I grew up; I decided to become an Art director. Later on developed in to a Graphic Designer – and today to a boarderless designer/Passionate Designer. Self developing has always been an important urge for me. When I started my business Paizano Design I started to see where I was going. Today I’ve found home, my passion; In work. And in life.

Life is a fascinating journey. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to offer.

I believe  that my storytelling in my creations are my greatest strength as a designer. I don’t want to walk in other peoples footsteps. I don’t follow traditional rules. I respect them, and bend them. With awareness comes open mindness … the first steps to start making the best work of your life.

CV: Peter Mäkelä

Peter Mäkelä – A boarderless designer with focus on creating a nicer tomorrow. Through esthetics, awareness and storytelling. Always with great passion.

Peter is a passionate designer whitin the fields of furniture, product and graphic design. He runs his own design business; Paziano Design Studio since 2005.

To even bend his artistic urge even further he makes art – and recently finnished a 1 year art project for “Norrlandspojkarna”. Between the years of 2006-2010 he ran the design/art gallery Paziano Expo.

He released his first two collections in 2010, Crop Carpets Collection and Pride Collection – which he got awarded the RFSL Honour Prize for the same year. 2009 he won prize for his concept piece Angel Chair at Bolia Design Awards – this concept piece was displayed at the Länsmuseum of Västernorrland together with the legend Nisse Strinning exhibition at the beginning of 2011.

He has several wallpaper and pattern designs on the market.

To share his passion for design he was active Board member of Svensk Form for several years. And has more then 10 years of experience as a Art/Creative Director from advertising agencies around Sweden.

2012 { Board member of the Swedish Society of Design (Svensk Form Öst)
2011 { Award of Honour of the Green Furniture Award for ‘Rendezvous Chandelier’
2010 { Exhibition of contemporary design at Länsmuseet Murberget
{ Art Exhibition and Grande Finale of the 1 year art project ‘PM för Norrlandspojkarna’
{ rewarded with RFSL Honour Prize for Pride Collection
2010 { Released first two collections; CROP Carpets Collection and Pride Collection
2010 { Public introduction of Peter Mäkelä™ as a national designer at Sthlm Furniture Fair
2009 { Started a one year art mission for the real estate company Norrlandspojkarna } – 2010
2009 { Started the first Pecha Kucha Night (with Svensk Form) in Sundsvall } – 2010
2009 { Honourary Prize at Bolia Design Awards for the concept piece ‘Angel Chair’
2008 { Nominated to Rookie of the year at Sundsvall Business Awards
2007Paizano Expo; Design/art gallery where anyone could exhibit their work for free } – 2010
2006 { Board member of the Swedish Society of Design (Svensk Form Vnl) } – 2010
2006 { 1st place at Dragon parade with the art-dragon ‘Berry White’
2005 { Started Paizano Design
1996 { Art Director and graphic designer at advertising agencies in central part of Sweden and Stockholm } – 2005

Just for fun
{ Ranger of the Year (Flygbasjägarskolan, F4)
1990 { State Champion in Tae kwon do, in Tennessee and Arkansas } – 1991

Peter Mäkelä, passionate designer, in short – Download

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