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Passion – It’s in the blood

5:17 am. Saturday

I had a dream. A dream about something beautiful. I sketch down my thoughts in my note book, I keep by my bed … I fall back in to sleep. I wake up again feeling the inspiration running through my veins – I have to get up!

It’s pitch black. Everybody’s asleep. I sneak up carefully and pass through the kitchen,  grabbing a cup of coffee and continuing in my walk of determination … The cats watches over each step until the last one has fades away in the hallway. I’m in my studio.

The street outside is just as peaceful as dark. Just like yesterday the sky slowly changes colours. It’s calm and beautiful. I’m in front of my work desk. I put my headphones on – I’m in the zone and can’t wait to start creating and making my dream reality.

To wake up, early one morning, work in my studio and design along with the different colours of the morning sky are among the most inspiring things I know. I love my creative process … I love working.

/Peter Mäkelä – a regular day

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