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Ear Candy

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Ear Candy

Kids pattern are supposed to be fun! For both kids and parents – that’s a win win solution in my book. Looks and wit for the win.

Have you ever caught your child eating a lollipop behind your back? Their reaction when caught is priceless; A charmig mix of surprise and colorful tongue hanging out. Ear Candy is about that little rebel of yours, that loves to behave mischievous. In a cute mouse like behavior.

Producer: Design M



~ D E S I G N   P H I L O S O P H Y ~

My design philosophy is simple and direct;
Be aware acts as a warning and as a inspiring reminder.
It’s of most importance that you are aware of your products, business, brands and environment!

The day You Stop being aware is the beginning to the end.

It may sound harsh. But when you think of it makes a whole lot of sense.

In my designs I always try to find that extra twist, function or idea that makes it special and lengthen it’s life span.
:Peter  Mäkelä


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Both private and professionaly.


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