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Mar 31, 2016

Svensk Form. The End. The Beginning.

I have been a board member of the renowned design society the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design (Svensk Form) for a total of 4 terms and 8 years. And this is it for me. It is time to move on. It was a tough decision to let go of something you really enjoy being a part of. But I’m a career and family man now – And need to focus on those two things to the fullest. And with a newly born baby girl. It’s a full time job juggling both.
I will always be a strong supporter of Swedish Design, so I won’t let go totally, but now I’m actually looking forward to visiting events like PechaKucha™, I’ve been Head of for several years, instead.


Follow my heart

I believe in Design Thinking. Along with Creative Thinking. These two combined will save the world! And these two “philosophies” is where I will focus more on in the future. By contributing with my own ideas of “good design” and push for other world “saving” creations and processess. I think the Swedish Society of Craft and Design can be a great source of inspiration in these process and take a important part in the debate. Hopefully the society will take a greater part in those areas in the future.

I will do my best to be a source of inspiration and have my say in the discussion.


Here’s to the end and cheers to the beginning!

Former board member of Swedish Society of Crafts and Design, Head of PechaKucha™ and Design Person of the Year 2014.
Svensk Form Öst


written by :Peter

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