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Crop Carpets

Designtalk on radio P4 today. Listen!

Today I got invited to talk about the life as a designer on the P4 show “Tapet i taket”, with Cia Sivertsdotter and Marie Brauner.  We had a nice chat about the “glamourous” life of a designer, some of my designs and collections and where I find my inspiration …

 Listen to the show › right here, right now!
(in Swedish, of course;)

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By :Peter

Cut the crop. Now that’s a rug!

On 23, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In PLOG | By :Peter


#CropCarpet #interiordesign

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CROP at Lidmans

Got a picture from some happy Crop Carpets owners.

I’m glad they had the guts to go with a burnt orange color setting. It looks great and those cool Peel Club armchairs, from Variér.
And matches nicely to the oilpainting on the wall. Which looks like a Lindström, by the way …

Stylishly interior designed by Marie Brauner at Studio 21, Norrköping.


 Hope they dug the follow up gift!



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I’m featured in a two spread article in the latest issue of THINK MAGAZINE 009 – The Earth Issue.
We talked about the carpet collection, my latest lighting design, Rendezvous, which I got Award of honour at Green Furniture Award and how I like to work with storytelling in my creations …

Read the article at the official website ( or the short link below;

Thank you THINK MAGAZINE for a nice piece!

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Peters mysterious rug collection (article)

This weekend I got a nice full page coverage in Hem & Fritid. I’m glad my old “home town” find my work interesting …

“He has a lot going on at the moment. The designer Peter Mäkelä recently got the Sundsvall Pride Honour Prize 2010. He got the prize for his pattern collection Pride Collection, that contains wallpapers, tray tables, chairs and other interior details. Part of the sales goes to the important work for HBT-rights. And at the same time he recently launched his rug collection CROP Carpets.”

At the end of november you can see parts of my rug collection at my Grand Finale-exhibition at Norrlandspojkarna. Hope everyone I know will show up and we’ll have a good time together. Can’t wait.

Thank you Anna-Maria Wiklund for a nice piece.

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Promo-posters for CROP Carpets

We have several designs stores that is interested in selling the CROP Carpets Collection. Now they are starting to ask for promotinal material. Here’s a collection of posters. A couple of them are going to print. They question is which one’s … Help us! Which one’s your favourite?

Read more…

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A nice spot in the magazine Sköna Hem

In this months (10-2010) issue of the interior magazine Sköna Hem you can find this nice little spot of the CROP Carpets Collection. Interesting swedish side story the brought up. Read it. Any story you recognize? Anyhow, fun and thank you Sköna Hem.

“Formgivaren Peter Mäkelä fascineras av de mystiska cirklarna som dök upp från ingenstans i sädesfält under 1980 och 90-talen. Epidemin började i Enlgand och sommaren 1993 fick Sverige sitt första fall: “Mystisk cirklar i Harplinge kan vara spår av flygande tefat” skrev tidningarna, och ufo-teorierna haglade ända tills konstnärer och studentkompisar trädde fram och erkände sina upptåg. Men Peter Mäkeläs CROP Carpets håller liv i mystiken. TIllverkas i handtuftad ull i flera mönster och en mängd färger.”

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Get ‘Alien Crop Mix’ on Spotify

Are you in a croppy mood? Get this cool Spotify playlist!
Put together by the man behind the idea, Sami O.

SPOTIFY LINK: Alien CROP Mix – Bring home the mystery

– Enjoy!

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Now YOU can bring home the mystery!
Exciting huh!? We’re very excited. The response has been amazing and alot of you have really shown that you like the collection, especially on the Facebook-group. Thanks.

Next market is Great Britain! And the brits really love their crop circles. And we love the brits!
So it’s bound to be a happy connection. Three stores in London are under discussion …

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
You can buy the collection here, at the moment:
From the Producer, A-Carpet
See A-Carpets news/press release
Web store; buy through paiSTORE
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The CROP Carpets Collection:

Check out the Facebook group! – Support be a fan!
Get in the mood, check out the ‘ALIEN CROP MIX’ at Spotify

Read more…

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Crop field observation [100621]

Observation #: 100621
Crop field: Golden Ball, England

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CROP Carpets at NK

Starting today and this weekend at Newport & Downtown, NK, you can get a sneak peak of the CROP Carpets Collection and a chance to talk to the producers, A-Carpet. Welcome by.

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 [report]

On 14, Feb 2010 | 8 Comments | In Design Blog, Furniture, My Designs | By :Peter

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 was a great success. It’s hard to sum up the whole amazing week in short. It was so jam packed with exciting meetings, introductions and releases … But I can for sure say that the most fun of it all are all the new and interesting co-operations with aware and openminded producers. That believe in me and my far out ideas! So keep your eyes open soon you’ll see a number of my collections on the market. First out is CROP Carpets Collection for A-Carpet. After that Pride Collection for Design M. And more to come …

Things I will remember for a long time are; The CROP Carpet and green design chat with Maud OlofssonAndrea Ruggieros kind words. The walk about with deputy primeminister, Olle Melkerhed Not-loosing his camera. The release party of Design M’s showroom. And of course all the wonderful visitors and collegues.

Thank you all for your wonderfull support! See you next year.

The popular Crop Carpet stand Deputy primeminister Maud Olofsson stopped by and discussed green design. She loved the rug! The Design Team of Design M (Seller Stand) The wallpaper 'Coathangers' The Pride Romance pattern in the background Table designed by PM in High pressure laminate (hpl) La Table with the Pride Romance pattern The designer in front of his grand mouse; 'Ear Candy'

By the way …
Peter Mäkelä were also the graphic stylist of the ‘Seller – Learn & Earn Stand’ (in the entrance hall), together with Ola Rune (CKR), the artistic consultant.

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