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Svensk Form Culture trip 2013


On the 5 of october we  and the members of Svensk Form (Swedish Design Society)

took off for Stockholm. Mission; Check out architecture, art and design … and whatever comes in our way!

At 8.30 sharp we began our journey. Since we like fika here in Sweden we just had to take a coffee break, somewhere.

Where better then mysterious Antroposoferna. Their architure is quite fascinating and well worth a visit. But their philosophia, I don’t know. Read about it and them here.

Back on the road again, in a better mood we headed for the capitol.

Second stop; Sven-Harrys Museum of Art
The building is interesting mix between simple design which reminds of “million project” flats. But the facade it self is quite impressive. Golden/copperlike. Which gives it a exclusive feel. When you’re inside it’s a very open airy feel. Just like a modern museum should be. Grand windows and a view over the park, Vasaparken (?). But the most unexpected is the roof. When you think you’re about to enter it, you end upp in a long glass hall way. Which on one side has a glass wall (and ceiling) and on the other side a timber cabbin! It’s like entering a passage between the old world entering the new. When you look both ways. You see artworks, with the sky as a backdrop. Nicely placed. When you’re outside there is gravel and treepromenads and rusty art. A beautiful combo of earthlike colors. Quite relaxing. When you look at the facade you see it’s perforated with tiny holes. Which I learned is inspired by a urinal! Don’t know if I wanted to hear that info, since everything is kind of yellowish up there …
anyhow a interesting architural artwork signed Wingårdh Arkitekter. Oh, the had some art too! A bit charming exhibition about Björn Berg who drew the Emil illustrations for Astrid Lindgren. I admit, I wasn’t very interested in the exhibitions. I just wanted to look at the interior and exteriors. A charming museum that’s what it is.

Then lunch break at Grappa. My first glance hits the logo and the typeface. They had used a font called Copperplate. Not good. So I set my mind to that the place is quite simple. Gladly I was wrong. I ordered a risotto with sirloin. It’s was great and the recomended wine to it as well. Perfect artbreak! You need to stimulate all your sences on a trip like this!

Third stop; Bonniers Museum of Art
My expectations are quite big for this place. And the building itself looks really impressive, with interesting soft angles and modern clean architecture. The insides were okay. Bit disipointed that it was only on one floor. But most important were the art exhibitions. One was too dated and a couple of others too way out there. Nothing in my taste. The most impressive was the restaurant, where I found som Offecct and Komplot designs.

Our forth and last stop went to Röhnisch Sport Wear
It was a good way to finish our hard exterior and complex art day. We got to visit their new creative studio in beautiful and modern Hammarbysjöstad. Which it self is worth a architectural visit. I’ll save that report. The studio was very clean from colors. It was all pretty much in white. I’m pretty sure it’s because they want their sports wear to pop out, especially for showings. And it work very well as a clean sheet of paper when you start working on a new collection. *speaking from experience* I like that I saw a mix of design furniture like Swedese and HAY, mixed with mainstream armchairs from Ikea. Worked perfectly in that old almost factory like building.

But the highligt of the Röhnisch visit was we got a sneak peeks of upcoming collections. But most interesting were, for most of us were the creative process. I especially enjoyd the modern take on the golf wear and the happy colorsettings. And really dig their new logo. Very daring cuting it so tight. Love it. Feels new. Anyhow, we ended up this almost perfect day with another fika, yep you know Swedes we need our coffee and cinnamon rolls!

Filled up with rolls and coffee we, twenty something culture nerds, headed on home to Norrköping and Linköping area.

Thank you everyone who tagged along. Hope we see you on our next inspiring Culture trip. Got any ideas – feel free to mail us.

Self claimed SFÖ reporter/photographer
Swedish Design Society East/Svensk Form Öst


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Oh, by the way. Almost forgot; It was really nice meeting all of you who came along. I had a good time with you. See you next time or hopefully before that. Take care. Be Aware!

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