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By :Peter

Honor prize artist WAD gala 2013

On 05, Dec 2013 | No Comments | In Design Blog | By :Peter

Wow, what a night. I’m still exhausted.

Sunday’s not a good day for partying. But when it comes to important galas like this, it’s just to pack your toothbrush and take off!

It was a amazing gala, signed by the multi-creative Peter Englund. The acts on stage were really top notch all night. A wonderful mix of humor, quality artists and even some magic. 

But what made my night was the Honor Prize awards cermony. This years grand winner was the Princess Christina. Who’s been working for a long time with HIV/AIDS. A well deserved winner.

And most fun of all was that it was my graphic artwork Fall in Love’ that was this years prize! I’m proud of it. And now I hope it will be a nice tradition.



Read more about ‘Fall in Love’ here.



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‘NOVEMBER RAIN’ graphic print

On 15, Nov 2013 | No Comments | In Design Blog, Graphic Design | By :Peter


Size: 30×42 cm
Edition: Limited edition 1-100 pcs. Signed and authenticity stamped
Material: Printed on hand picked structured paper
Delivery: Within 14 days.
Price: 390 sek incl. VAT and shipping.

“How fun is november, really!? It’s all rain and grey … but, ain’t it kinda beautiful in its sadness. I think so. It’s even romantic, in my world. Light that fire. Put on the tune November Rain. Sing loud by yourself or whisper it quietly, to the one next to you …”




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‘Tears, Sweat and a Bloody Hipster’

On 30, Sep 2013 | 4 Comments | In Art, Design Blog | By :Peter

My contribution’s to this years P-Art @ Nkpgs Guggenheim (Kulturnatten)

Quite a few of you have asked to see my pieces I exhibited on P-Art.
Here they are! Five artworks on the theme of “death and hope”.

Hope you like them. Do comment. Love to here your thoughts.


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Fall of Mankind cd out!


Not every day I get to design something for the metal genre!
But when Fall of Mankind asked me it was kind of hard to say no, especially when they told me about their idea; They weren’t looking for the classical cliché type of profiling with skulls, blood and death. Their take on the metal image was Survival! And that’s a highly current subject, in my mind.

We need step up the game when it comes to taking care of our world or it will be the fall of mankind. A very modern take on the genre. And cool!

So let’s rock this world, to the better!

FALL OF MANKIND ››› Like ’em and follow ’em.

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Fall of Mankind today? Or tomorrow?

If the world don’t end today it sure will if we don’t wake up, tomorrow …

#mayaprediction #121221 #wakeupcall #takecare of #earth #eachother #theend? #thebeginning!

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Scooter design > Vintage Rocket!

Some jobs are more odd than others.
Not everyday I get to decorate a scooter with matching outfit. Here’s a taste of what I came up with!


#retro #design

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What a feelin’!

Here’s the cd-cover I’ve been working on quite hard the past week. I got pretty much free hands on what to do. When I listened to Susanne Fellbrinks album Vilken Känsla (What a feeling) I feelt it was a very personal – So my expression had to go the same way and become more arty. Here below are the artworks for the album. What do you say …

Here’s the album design;

Are you feelin’ it?

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