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Pride Collection

Designtalk on radio P4 today. Listen!

Today I got invited to talk about the life as a designer on the P4 show “Tapet i taket”, with Cia Sivertsdotter and Marie Brauner.  We had a nice chat about the “glamourous” life of a designer, some of my designs and collections and where I find my inspiration …

 Listen to the show › right here, right now!
(in Swedish, of course;)

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A couple of my designs had a nice appearence in the magazine Härligt Hemma. The showed one of the new color settings on trays and classic black and white Pride Romance wallpaper. Fun. Nice mix of stuff!


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Happy Birthday Jocke!

This is how a 50th birthday present can look like!
This signed Pride Collection tray is to Jocke from Jannica and Åsa.

Hope you’ll serve alot of tasty drinks on this one, Jocke!

Thanks ladies for thinking of me.


This is one of the new color settings that’s coming out on the market.
Check out some more in our designshop.

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I’m featured in a two spread article in the latest issue of THINK MAGAZINE 009 – The Earth Issue.
We talked about the carpet collection, my latest lighting design, Rendezvous, which I got Award of honour at Green Furniture Award and how I like to work with storytelling in my creations …

Read the article at the official website ( or the short link below;

Thank you THINK MAGAZINE for a nice piece!

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Nice combo!

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Pride Collection combo, like this, in a colorful hotel lobby somewhere in the world! This one’s from hotel Scandic Plaza in Umeå …

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Umeå Pride & Charity Dinner 2010

Pride Umeå has come to an end, for me. At writing moment I’m sitting on the train home. My flight to Stockholm went well *I survived once again* Anyhow, The showing of Pride Collection and Charity Dinner went well. All my tray tables got sold! We even did better than we did in Stockholm, which is kind of weird but fun! So more money to RFSL this time.

I’ve met so many new, fun and interesting people during my visit in Umeå. So thank you Simon, Jörgen, Robin, Thim, Kerstin, Anna T, Sarah and everybody else I know …

Today the Pride Collection gang is going out to party, Personally I’m just looking forward to come home and snuggle up with my family, in front of the TV, and watch Mr Federlay shake his ass on Dansfeber.

I’m tired and beat. Maybe I should take the day off on monday …

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Hot pi(n)cs!

Here’s some newly taken profile pictures, with my agent/producer Camilla Näslund – Design M posing with some of my designs. I really dig this colour setting, hot pink on black. Especially the rug looks amazing! The collection will be exhibited at Hotel Scandic Plaza, Umeå today. Do come by between the hours of 12-16. We designers will be there.

Check out these picutres:

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RFSL Honour Prize 2010

Today I received a prize!
Wow I’m flattered, and really glad that our work with Pride Collection is finally starting to get noticed.

“– Thank you soo much for the award Sundsvall Pride 2010. I’m honoured and proud. It’s also important to say that I’m just one piece in the puzzle. It’s thanks to Designmäklarna this collection is a reality. I want to encourage everyone to check out Pride Collection and start buying some cool stuff. If you dig my stuff I would be equally honoured and glad …”

Time to celebrate. Cheers!

To night I will sleep really well and have the sweetest of dreams.

Check out the more info about the collection and where to buy it

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Thanks for a great release at Scandic Malmen!

On 28, Jul 2010 | No Comments | In Design Blog, Pride Collection | By :Peter

Jag är jättenöjd med gårdagen, synd bara att man är så förbannat trött och sliten i och med all bröllopshysteri … Bara 2 dagar kvar! Inse, sen är man hooked 4 life. Iallafall tack Camilla Näslund för en strålande insats. Kul att träffa dig Anna Viktorsson.

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PRIDE COLLECTION [out on market]

Now it’s official; I’M OUT!
Well, my collection is … and it feels great that it’s finally out on the market. People been asking me for a year; When and where!? NOW!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
You can buy the collection here, at the moment:
From the Producer, Design M (Designmäklarna)
Web store;
More places coming out soon.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

See most of the collection here:

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Pride Romance on traytables

On 18, Jun 2010 | 8 Comments | In Design Blog, Pride Collection | By :Peter

Wow, it’s great to see my pattern in action, here’s a finnished traytable – a small for the note so Pride and a larger for the really proud ones. ;)

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Pride Wallpapers

Pride Collection contains 7 patterns designed by PM; Pride FIRE, Pride LOVE, Pride CONNECTION, Pride WAVE, Pride TOGETHER, Pride ENJOY and if you combine those six patterns it will become a seventh, the head pattern Pride ROMANCE!

Here you can get a closer look at the patterns and see them in an atmosphere.

These wallpapers are ordered directly through the producer Designmäklarna or at the webshop:

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On 05, May 2010 | No Comments | In Design Blog, Pride Collection | By :Peter

–A lot of people have asked me how I came up with this …
rather different pattern? Here are my words:
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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 [report]

On 14, Feb 2010 | 8 Comments | In Design Blog, Furniture, My Designs | By :Peter

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 was a great success. It’s hard to sum up the whole amazing week in short. It was so jam packed with exciting meetings, introductions and releases … But I can for sure say that the most fun of it all are all the new and interesting co-operations with aware and openminded producers. That believe in me and my far out ideas! So keep your eyes open soon you’ll see a number of my collections on the market. First out is CROP Carpets Collection for A-Carpet. After that Pride Collection for Design M. And more to come …

Things I will remember for a long time are; The CROP Carpet and green design chat with Maud OlofssonAndrea Ruggieros kind words. The walk about with deputy primeminister, Olle Melkerhed Not-loosing his camera. The release party of Design M’s showroom. And of course all the wonderful visitors and collegues.

Thank you all for your wonderfull support! See you next year.

The popular Crop Carpet stand Deputy primeminister Maud Olofsson stopped by and discussed green design. She loved the rug! The Design Team of Design M (Seller Stand) The wallpaper 'Coathangers' The Pride Romance pattern in the background Table designed by PM in High pressure laminate (hpl) La Table with the Pride Romance pattern The designer in front of his grand mouse; 'Ear Candy'

By the way …
Peter Mäkelä were also the graphic stylist of the ‘Seller – Learn & Earn Stand’ (in the entrance hall), together with Ola Rune (CKR), the artistic consultant.

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