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Pro bono

Silver Swedish Design Awards 2011

Silver to Peter Mäkelä and Anna Tollwé

Yeay, me, my wife Anna and FBIS (Swedish Hemophilia Society) won the silver medal in the Swedish Design Awards 2011!

For the information/educational material; ‘Blödarsjuka för Dummies’ (Hemophilia for Dummies) We’re so happy that all our hard work is being recoqnized.

Love and thanks for your support!

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Check out ‘Blödarsjuka för Dummies’ here! < older post

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Ur Folkbladet 2011-10-10;
Designern Peter Mäkelä och art director Anna Tollwé från Norrköping vann silver när Svenska Designpriset delades ut på Moderna Museet. De fick priset för sin produkt Blödarsjuka för Dummies, ett informations- och utbildningsmaterial som distribueras av Förbundet Blödarsjuka i Sverige.
– Vi är jättestolta med vårt silver. Speciellt när man ser till konkurrensen, som bestod av de största och mest meriterade reklambyråerna i landet. Vår son är själv blödarsjuk och vi tycker att det är viktigt att få ut informationen på ett nytänkande sätt, vilket har tagits emot oerhört positivt, säger Peter Mäkelä.

Svenska Designpriset är en årlig tävling för alla inom grafisk kommunikation så som reklambyråer, förlag, informatörer, tidningar, webbyråer, grafiska formgivare.

Läs hela artikeln


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Donation thanks to you!

On 28, Apr 2011 | No Comments | In Design Blog, Fans, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

Thank You for helping Japan!

We recently made a donation to Red Cross and their project for helping Japan back on it’s feet.
And this has only been possible thanks to your purchases of the graphic print ‘Acta Non Verba JPN’ (where the Whole profit is donated)

It is still possible to buy this specially designed print and make a contribution … There’s a few left!
So hurry and  order through

If you feel like supporting through other designers, artist and world brands check out this great site;, where we all are gathered.

For a nicer tomorrow!

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Blödarsjuka för Dummies

It’s about bloody time – It’s finally finnished!
We started working on this important product about a year ago – and here it is. You may wonder why this product even exists. Well, there are so much prejudices and lack of knowledge about hemophilia. So we felt it’s important to get the information out there, to family, friends and the public. We chose to do it in a lighter and slightly humoristic manner, in a way easy to grasp and fun to read, also appeal to broader target group.

Please take the time and read through it. See the previews or the whole pdf-brochure on the links below. We would appreciate if you spread this broschure to others you think would consider this information important. Thank you.

See/download the whole broschure – or get your own copy through:

FBIS (Föreningen blödarsjuka i Sverige/Swedish Hemophilia Society)
Send a mail to FBIS or visit

Thank you to everyone involved. Great job you all!

(This has been a Paizano Pro Bono-project)

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In memory of daddy-tattoo

Once in awhile I get a request that my soft heart can’t say no to … and of course not charge for either.
Passing of a father must be one of the toughest things a child can go through. And to honour that special bond with something everlasting – it should be made out of respect, care and beauty.
Hope this simple gesture will inspire you along Your path through life.

My thoughts …
In my illustration I’ve tried to captivate the essence of their relationship and other important symbolism, like:
– Eternal love/bond
– Sorrow and happiness
– Recovery and regrowth
– Darkness and hope

Still try to keep a maskuline look, with a tad of feminine touch. That’s the way I see the future man. A man who’s naturally manly but yet not afraid of showing he’s feminine side.

The picture above is just a photo montage – where the final placing of the tattoo will be is under discussion.

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