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‘Tears, Sweat and a Bloody Hipster’

On 30, Sep 2013 | 4 Comments | In Art, Design Blog | By :Peter

My contribution’s to this years P-Art @ Nkpgs Guggenheim (Kulturnatten)

Quite a few of you have asked to see my pieces I exhibited on P-Art.
Here they are! Five artworks on the theme of “death and hope”.

Hope you like them. Do comment. Love to here your thoughts.


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P-Art @ Nkpgs Guggenheim (Kulturnatten)

On 31, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In -Cool!, Art, Design Blog, Fans, Inspiration | By :Peter


 Utställarprogram (verk, konstnärer och priser) – Högerklicka och ladda ned till mobilen!



Welcome to P-Art @ Norrköpings Guggenheim!

Parking house, Pop art, pop-up bar, puls … P-Art’s all of that and some! It’s mainly about the creative expressions of today!

Feel the urban puls with us for a night, during Culture Night/Kulturnatten Norrköping, in the city’s own urban Guggenheim. Can it be anymore perfect!

It’s going to be a show stopper! Be there or be #.
/Peter Mäkelä (Bill) & Lasse Fredriksson (Bull)


Check out the event om Facebook; And click YES – See you there!


A R T I S T S : *frequent updates*

Guests of honor:
– CHRISTIAN BEIJER, Sundsvall/Trancoso (Christian Beijer Arts)
– JIMMY HERCIUK, Sundsvall/Los Angeles (Herciuk World Wide Art)

– ANDERS ENGMAN, Norrköping (
– EVA CEDERWALL, Norrköping (
– PETER MÄKELÄ, Norrköping (
… and some more to come!

H A P P E N I N G S :

– Art exhibition in the “roundabout”
– DJ Ashkan HZ and DJ Pär Carlsson in the house (pops ’til you drop)
– Beer & wine bar
– Special apperance by Nkpgs Roller Derby – Sluts United
– Grafitti artists are going at it live
– And most important of all; YOU!

… and some creative surprises.




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– About sweatpants and P-Art!

[2013-09-03] – ONLY IN SWEDISH

(Från 5:40 – Pratar vi om P-Art) 



 Pressrelease – P-Art @ Nkpgs Guggenheim – Lokal release | Riks release


Special thanks to Lundbergs and Apcoa for making this happen!





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Let me present to you: ‘LOVE CONNECTION’

Finallly I get to present my piece of furniture to the world; the ‘Love Connection’!
Yesterday it was official at Stockholm Furniture Fair.


Here’s the producer Green Furniture Sweden’s words;

“It started with a Love Seat idea – connected armchairs facing each other.
And while connecting, why not connect many (a lot of Love!). And if making
the armchairs from several smaller ‘pieces of pie’, different sizes armchairs
can be made and connecting them can make a winding creation of Love.
Adding straight pieces shapes a sofa and the Love is complete!
Upholstered on a wooden frame with horse hair/natural rubber topped with
wool felt and eco labelled fabrics.”


Inspirational pictures/combinations;


Read more…

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012


I’m starting to look forward to Stockholm Furniture Fair! You’re all welcome to visit Green Furniture Swedens stand. I’ll be representing and introducing my new piece of furniture.

Here’s a sneak peak … where we are test sitting. So can you, live! Come by and say hi!

More updates shortly …

#sff12 #sdw2012 #LoveConnection #GreenFurnitureSweden #petermakela

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Intervju < formrepubliken

On 25, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Design Blog, Furniture, Media | By :Peter

Read the interview at the blog, here

The other day I was interviewed by the design blog Formrepubliken. Which is by the way one of Swedens most inspiriational blogs when it comes to design. And I must add – a favorite of mine. So it made my day when I got contacted by Peter Aderstedt, the man behind the site.

Visit the link above to read it. Google Translate it if you’re not Swedish speaking. Enjoy. Hope I get to see you at Stockholm Furniture Fair!

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Release party Design M Collection

On the 25th we had a release party for our Design M Collection – at one of Electrolux Home shops in central Stockholm. It was a great night with lots of people and a whole lot of fun.

Soon the collection will reach out 60 Electrolux Home shops around the country! My first pattern out is Blue Print. A couple of more are coming out soon.

Here’s a sneak peak from that evening;




Check out more pictures from our release at

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Culture Night 2011 – Exhibition

On 25, Sep 2011 | No Comments | In Art, Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

During Culture Night (Kulturnatten) on the 24 of september I exhibited my artwork ‘Sweden Losing Faith’ as an installation. This art piece is not one of my latest work but probably one of my most important ones! It’s message will never go out of date. So this is one of the main reasons I wanted it to be exhibited on a important night the Norrköping Culture Night is. I’ve been looking for quite some time to find a perfect place to build up my installation. When I started to research places one of my top pics were the Public Library. It’s one of my favourite modern buildings in the city (drawn by Sten Samuelsson in 1968), and the country for that matter. I immediately fell in love with it’s exciting angles and especially it’s concrete walls (with wooden structre!) – In short a Perfect place to display a strong message. The installation became a beautiful display of contrasts and at first glance a hard hitting shout out. But in the long run a hopeful message …

Your thoughts
The beauty about this piece is that it’s not just one message. It’s what You see and feel. To me it says different things every time … What I thought was most interesting was to listen to your thoughts and reflections about the piece/installation. Here’s some thoughts;

– Swedish flag; Most visitors reacted on the swedish flag. Which is negatively associated with racism, within Sweden. A symbol that rarely no one dares to display except during correct holidays. We’re to affraid of being stamped as racists. This annoys and sadens …
– The cross is also a symbol that raises questions. Most people see it as it’s being taken down from the wall. We’re losing faith. Belief in general – in fellow man, in the world, in the church …
– Helping hand. There is hope in the world. We’re reaching out and helping in a better way today. Thanks to internet and the quick awareness …
– Losing belief. Material world. We don’t believe in a higher being. We’re materialists and believe in money and carriers ..
– Disturbance. The world is out of balance – we need to find ways to stabilize everything again.
– Satanic cross. Alot of evil is out there and the world is becoming a harder place to live in.

… What do you see!? Comment below. – *more thoughts will be posted* 

Read more…

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Angel Chair visualization

On 12, Jan 2011 | 4 Comments | In Design Blog, My Designs | By :Peter

Here she is my angel … and chair!
See the digital visualization below or on Youtube.
Would you like it around your dinner table?

Visualisering Effektfabriken

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In Media

By :Peter

Ny designer i Norrköping

On 12, Jan 2011 | In Media | By :Peter

Thank you NT for the spot in todays paper!

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Nils Möbler + Konceptuella möbler

Två profiler inom den moderna möbelformgivningen kommer från Västernorrland. Båda två heter de Nils. Den världsberömde Nisse Strinning är en av dem. Grundaren av Europamöbler, inredaren Nils Lindholm, den andre.

Möbeltillverkning och kända storsnickare har en lång historia i länet. Både hantverksskicklighet och formkänsla ger sig till känna i länsmuseets samlingar. Den produktion som bär Nisse Strinning och Nils Lindholms märke hör hemma i en modernistisk tradition från 1950-, 60- och 70-tal. De bildar en bro mot samtiden och framtiden.

Det fjärde tillägget i utställningen Nils möbler+ visar formgivning där designern tänker utanför ramarna och utvecklar koncept som inte är begränsade av dagens teknik och material. Samtliga möbler som visas i utställningen är formgivna av designers som finns i eller har anknytning till länet. Peter Mäkelä är en av dessa möbelvisionärer.

Peter Mäkelä kommer att ställa ut en digital visualisering på den prisbelönta konceptstolen Angel Chair och en av mattorna, Golden Ball, från CROP Carpets Collection samt ett par nytänkande tapetmönster.

Utställningen har premiär den 11 januari 2011.

Läs mer om utställningen på Murbergets webbsida

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Peter Mäkelä FÖR Norrlandspojkarna (Exhibition)

On 26, Nov 2010 | 7 Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

The ART mission for Norrlandspojkarna is over. Done. Finnished. The exhibition went well. Alot of people showed up, and the response was overwhelming. I feel proud, honoured and a little blue. Well, I always do when a large project has come to an end. I guess it’s because I get so emotionally envolved in the work process …

… Anyhow, the artworks are permanent, so if you didn’t get the chance to show up during my exhibition you can always visit the head office of NP (Heffnersvägen 1, Sundsvall), or see the pieces right here, right now:

Read about the thoughts behind the artworks (pdf in Swedish)
Read more…

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In Design Blog

By :Peter

Grand Finale Exhibition (invitation)

On 15, Nov 2010 | 44 Comments | In Design Blog | By :Peter

You’re all invited to the Grand Finale Exhibition of my art project FÖR Norrlandspojkarna.

It’s a two day showing; Friday 19/11, between 15-18 and saturday 20/11, between 12-15.
Welcome by.

For more info visit the Facebook-event here.
In Swedish

Read about the mission.

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In Design Blog

By :Peter

CROP Carpets showing (invitation)

On 24, Sep 2010 | 4 Comments | In Design Blog | By :Peter

The Culture event of the year in Norrköping, ‘Kulturnatten’ (Culture night) has a lot of exciting happenings going on all day and night. Are you interested in design this is a must …

Welcome to Studio 21 for a showing of the CROP Carpets Collection, on saturday, september 25.

Between the hours of 17-21 you can meet the designer Peter Mäkelä, in person. He will introduce the rug collection and answer all your questions. So take the chance and ask those mysterious questions and order home a piece of the mystery, to your own livingroom.

During the whole day you can also see furniture, lighting and accessories by the famous brittish designer Tom Dixon.

Well, come by for some bubbly, nice chat and top of the line design.

Hosted by Marie Brauner

See Facebook-event

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Thanks for a great release at Scandic Malmen!

On 28, Jul 2010 | No Comments | In Design Blog, Pride Collection | By :Peter

Jag är jättenöjd med gårdagen, synd bara att man är så förbannat trött och sliten i och med all bröllopshysteri … Bara 2 dagar kvar! Inse, sen är man hooked 4 life. Iallafall tack Camilla Näslund för en strålande insats. Kul att träffa dig Anna Viktorsson.

Read more…

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 [report]

On 14, Feb 2010 | 8 Comments | In Design Blog, Furniture, My Designs | By :Peter

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 was a great success. It’s hard to sum up the whole amazing week in short. It was so jam packed with exciting meetings, introductions and releases … But I can for sure say that the most fun of it all are all the new and interesting co-operations with aware and openminded producers. That believe in me and my far out ideas! So keep your eyes open soon you’ll see a number of my collections on the market. First out is CROP Carpets Collection for A-Carpet. After that Pride Collection for Design M. And more to come …

Things I will remember for a long time are; The CROP Carpet and green design chat with Maud OlofssonAndrea Ruggieros kind words. The walk about with deputy primeminister, Olle Melkerhed Not-loosing his camera. The release party of Design M’s showroom. And of course all the wonderful visitors and collegues.

Thank you all for your wonderfull support! See you next year.

The popular Crop Carpet stand Deputy primeminister Maud Olofsson stopped by and discussed green design. She loved the rug! The Design Team of Design M (Seller Stand) The wallpaper 'Coathangers' The Pride Romance pattern in the background Table designed by PM in High pressure laminate (hpl) La Table with the Pride Romance pattern The designer in front of his grand mouse; 'Ear Candy'

By the way …
Peter Mäkelä were also the graphic stylist of the ‘Seller – Learn & Earn Stand’ (in the entrance hall), together with Ola Rune (CKR), the artistic consultant.

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