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By :Peter

Honor prize artist WAD gala 2013

On 05, Dec 2013 | No Comments | In Design Blog | By :Peter

Wow, what a night. I’m still exhausted.

Sunday’s not a good day for partying. But when it comes to important galas like this, it’s just to pack your toothbrush and take off!

It was a amazing gala, signed by the multi-creative Peter Englund. The acts on stage were really top notch all night. A wonderful mix of humor, quality artists and even some magic. 

But what made my night was the Honor Prize awards cermony. This years grand winner was the Princess Christina. Who’s been working for a long time with HIV/AIDS. A well deserved winner.

And most fun of all was that it was my graphic artwork Fall in Love’ that was this years prize! I’m proud of it. And now I hope it will be a nice tradition.



Read more about ‘Fall in Love’ here.



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Svensk Form Culture trip 2013


On the 5 of october we  and the members of Svensk Form (Swedish Design Society)

took off for Stockholm. Mission; Check out architecture, art and design … and whatever comes in our way!

At 8.30 sharp we began our journey. Since we like fika here in Sweden we just had to take a coffee break, somewhere.

Where better then mysterious Antroposoferna. Their architure is quite fascinating and well worth a visit. But their philosophia, I don’t know. Read about it and them here.

Back on the road again, in a better mood we headed for the capitol.

Second stop; Sven-Harrys Museum of Art
The building is interesting mix between simple design which reminds of “million project” flats. But the facade it self is quite impressive. Golden/copperlike. Which gives it a exclusive feel. When you’re inside it’s a very open airy feel. Just like a modern museum should be. Grand windows and a view over the park, Vasaparken (?). But the most unexpected is the roof. When you think you’re about to enter it, you end upp in a long glass hall way. Which on one side has a glass wall (and ceiling) and on the other side a timber cabbin! It’s like entering a passage between the old world entering the new. When you look both ways. You see artworks, with the sky as a backdrop. Nicely placed. When you’re outside there is gravel and treepromenads and rusty art. A beautiful combo of earthlike colors. Quite relaxing. When you look at the facade you see it’s perforated with tiny holes. Which I learned is inspired by a urinal! Don’t know if I wanted to hear that info, since everything is kind of yellowish up there …
anyhow a interesting architural artwork signed Wingårdh Arkitekter. Oh, the had some art too! A bit charming exhibition about Björn Berg who drew the Emil illustrations for Astrid Lindgren. I admit, I wasn’t very interested in the exhibitions. I just wanted to look at the interior and exteriors. A charming museum that’s what it is.

Then lunch break at Grappa. My first glance hits the logo and the typeface. They had used a font called Copperplate. Not good. So I set my mind to that the place is quite simple. Gladly I was wrong. I ordered a risotto with sirloin. It’s was great and the recomended wine to it as well. Perfect artbreak! You need to stimulate all your sences on a trip like this!

Third stop; Bonniers Museum of Art
My expectations are quite big for this place. And the building itself looks really impressive, with interesting soft angles and modern clean architecture. The insides were okay. Bit disipointed that it was only on one floor. But most important were the art exhibitions. One was too dated and a couple of others too way out there. Nothing in my taste. The most impressive was the restaurant, where I found som Offecct and Komplot designs.

Our forth and last stop went to Röhnisch Sport Wear
It was a good way to finish our hard exterior and complex art day. We got to visit their new creative studio in beautiful and modern Hammarbysjöstad. Which it self is worth a architectural visit. I’ll save that report. The studio was very clean from colors. It was all pretty much in white. I’m pretty sure it’s because they want their sports wear to pop out, especially for showings. And it work very well as a clean sheet of paper when you start working on a new collection. *speaking from experience* I like that I saw a mix of design furniture like Swedese and HAY, mixed with mainstream armchairs from Ikea. Worked perfectly in that old almost factory like building.

But the highligt of the Röhnisch visit was we got a sneak peeks of upcoming collections. But most interesting were, for most of us were the creative process. I especially enjoyd the modern take on the golf wear and the happy colorsettings. And really dig their new logo. Very daring cuting it so tight. Love it. Feels new. Anyhow, we ended up this almost perfect day with another fika, yep you know Swedes we need our coffee and cinnamon rolls!

Filled up with rolls and coffee we, twenty something culture nerds, headed on home to Norrköping and Linköping area.

Thank you everyone who tagged along. Hope we see you on our next inspiring Culture trip. Got any ideas – feel free to mail us.

Self claimed SFÖ reporter/photographer
Swedish Design Society East/Svensk Form Öst


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For more fun and interesting design related happenings.


Oh, by the way. Almost forgot; It was really nice meeting all of you who came along. I had a good time with you. See you next time or hopefully before that. Take care. Be Aware!

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Design talk with Decoist magazine (interview)

On 27, Feb 2013 | 8 Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight, Media | By :Peter

During my week at Stockholm Design Week I got contacted by Alex Ion, from Decoist Magazine who wanted to do an interview about Swedish design, my curatorship as Sweden and my design philosophy.
We hung out pretty much all night exchanging interesting thoughts over drinks and finished off the night with a visit to a producer cocktail party. A good night.

Now afterwards I guess you could say the interview’s more about, like a wise follower summed up so well, “Creativity, design & the meaning of life as seen through the eyes of Peter Mäkelä”

››› So get to know me a bit better and read the interview here!

Thank you Alex and Decoist for the nice piece and taking the time to tag along with me, and getting a taste of that Swedish vibe. I’m flattered. 

Want to see some pictures from Stockholm Design Week and Stockholm Furniture Fair? > Look here!


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Stockholm Design Week 2013

All right this years Stockholm Design Week and Furniture Fair has come to an end. So has my Curatorship for Sweden.
It’s been a fun and interesting experiment being the design voice of Sweden for a week. My thumbs are soar from all the twittering. I counted roughly to a 1000 something tweets!!! *must be some kind of record!?* Thank you everyone who has put up with my design nerding through out the week.

Report #2013sff
Stockholm Furniture Fair is interesting to visit. As always I have alot of meetings and between those I try to check out what’s going on at the fair and do some trendscouting. In short I could say. It seems like there are more news this year then last year. Maybe the market is finally changing. Something else I noticed was that alot of designs were focus around meetings. Specially in forms of cubical solutions. In quite futuristic designs. Cubistic design seems hot. I also saw alot of wood, recycled thinking, new exciting materials, eco thinking is growing. Colors I saw a lot of was yellow, orange, grey tones, copper and earth tones. The nordic design is still clean and sober, probably always will. I’m glad their is more playfull color setting that contrast the design aesthetics. In Greenhouse there is always more experimenting going on. Unfortunately I didn’t have that much time to check it out. But I saw some wild and very unswedish designs there. Maybe the future designers of Sweden are more open minded to think outside the box. Which I almost could sum up this years furniture fair as; A colorful strict box for creative meetings.

As always I take pictures like crazy, here are some of my snapshots of designs and different happenings from the design week. Hope they inspire.

– You’re welcome to comment. Always interesting hearing your thougts!

Stockholm Furniture Fair

Read more…

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By :Peter

Let me present to you: ‘LOVE CONNECTION’

Finallly I get to present my piece of furniture to the world; the ‘Love Connection’!
Yesterday it was official at Stockholm Furniture Fair.


Here’s the producer Green Furniture Sweden’s words;

“It started with a Love Seat idea – connected armchairs facing each other.
And while connecting, why not connect many (a lot of Love!). And if making
the armchairs from several smaller ‘pieces of pie’, different sizes armchairs
can be made and connecting them can make a winding creation of Love.
Adding straight pieces shapes a sofa and the Love is complete!
Upholstered on a wooden frame with horse hair/natural rubber topped with
wool felt and eco labelled fabrics.”


Inspirational pictures/combinations;


Read more…

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012


I’m starting to look forward to Stockholm Furniture Fair! You’re all welcome to visit Green Furniture Swedens stand. I’ll be representing and introducing my new piece of furniture.

Here’s a sneak peak … where we are test sitting. So can you, live! Come by and say hi!

More updates shortly …

#sff12 #sdw2012 #LoveConnection #GreenFurnitureSweden #petermakela

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Intervju < formrepubliken

On 25, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Design Blog, Furniture, Media | By :Peter

Read the interview at the blog, here

The other day I was interviewed by the design blog Formrepubliken. Which is by the way one of Swedens most inspiriational blogs when it comes to design. And I must add – a favorite of mine. So it made my day when I got contacted by Peter Aderstedt, the man behind the site.

Visit the link above to read it. Google Translate it if you’re not Swedish speaking. Enjoy. Hope I get to see you at Stockholm Furniture Fair!

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New Casino Cosmpol chips!

Finally, I got them in my hand! I’m talking about the new game chips I’ve designed for Casino Cosmopol. Feel great in the hand. Looks good too. *happy designer*



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Project ‘HomeLess’ in action!

On 24, Nov 2011 | 13 Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight | By :Peter

[HomeLess*=A creative work away experiment]

For a couple of weeks time I will move my creative workspace elsewhere and get away from my studio at home! I will post daily updates …

HomeLess stands for working less at home and getting away more. Putting myself out there – getting the feel of being homeless in a work kind of way. Pushing myself to make it work, where ever I am! A humouristic touch is that the word “Less” means being sick and tired of something, in my case working at home in my studio.

My main goals for this experiment are; Get inspired, get more focused, be more social, networking and finding energy needed for that particular day. Some places are meant to be energy boosters and creative areas others quiet and calm for ex. planning, and so on. Every place will contribute something. Whatever it is, we’ll see. It’s an interesting experiment however …
… I hope people will find this as inspiring as I do.

Place 12


PLACE; S:t Anna archipelago, Swedish east coast
WORKDAY; Creating a pattern collection out of the ordinary!
MUSIC; Classical in the morning … Rock during the day and House at night
SUMMARY; A totally well needed and pretty well spent days. Got a lot done on the collection. The best times were those not in front of the computer, like my daily ocean walks and glass of red in front of the fire place. A truly calm and nice place. I will spend many quality hours here in the future!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Place 11


PLACE; The Lamp Hotel and Ardor restaurant
WORKDAY; Pressrelease, art info, applications … hopefully something creative work as well!
MUSIC; Buddha Chill Session – The Bar Lounde Edition
SUMMARY; Had a great and inspiring day here! Got alot of boring work done and even had time for some creative work. Solved a puzzle I’ve been working on mentaly for quite some time! A goood day, I’ll say. Btw, one of my favourite places so far. |

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Place 10


PLACE; Clarion Hotel Stockholm
WORKDAY; Meetings, inspiration and sketching.
MUSIC; Classical – Albinoni and Yo-Yo Ma – Cello music.
SUMMARY; A very modern and cool atmosphere. I really enjoyed the different places you could sit and work at. The livingroom was a favourite! And a great view at the back …

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Place 9


PLACE; Kulturhuset, Stockholm
WORKDAY; Meetings, marketing and planning.
MUSIC; The sound of people chit chatting and enjoying wine and dine.
SUMMARY; A place with a nice view over the city and the famous square Sergels torg. A great place to have short meetings – it’s in the middle of everything in Stockholm. Not so great to work and be creative in.

Read more…

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Release party Design M Collection

On the 25th we had a release party for our Design M Collection – at one of Electrolux Home shops in central Stockholm. It was a great night with lots of people and a whole lot of fun.

Soon the collection will reach out 60 Electrolux Home shops around the country! My first pattern out is Blue Print. A couple of more are coming out soon.

Here’s a sneak peak from that evening;




Check out more pictures from our release at

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Silver Swedish Design Awards 2011

Silver to Peter Mäkelä and Anna Tollwé

Yeay, me, my wife Anna and FBIS (Swedish Hemophilia Society) won the silver medal in the Swedish Design Awards 2011!

For the information/educational material; ‘Blödarsjuka för Dummies’ (Hemophilia for Dummies) We’re so happy that all our hard work is being recoqnized.

Love and thanks for your support!

 Visit Swedish Design Awards on Facebook 

Check out ‘Blödarsjuka för Dummies’ here! < older post

 Visit FBIS web

Ur Folkbladet 2011-10-10;
Designern Peter Mäkelä och art director Anna Tollwé från Norrköping vann silver när Svenska Designpriset delades ut på Moderna Museet. De fick priset för sin produkt Blödarsjuka för Dummies, ett informations- och utbildningsmaterial som distribueras av Förbundet Blödarsjuka i Sverige.
– Vi är jättestolta med vårt silver. Speciellt när man ser till konkurrensen, som bestod av de största och mest meriterade reklambyråerna i landet. Vår son är själv blödarsjuk och vi tycker att det är viktigt att få ut informationen på ett nytänkande sätt, vilket har tagits emot oerhört positivt, säger Peter Mäkelä.

Svenska Designpriset är en årlig tävling för alla inom grafisk kommunikation så som reklambyråer, förlag, informatörer, tidningar, webbyråer, grafiska formgivare.

Läs hela artikeln


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“Prisad möbeldesigner har något att berätta”

On 28, Feb 2011 | 24 Comments | In Design Blog, In the Spotlight, Media | By :Peter

Det blev även en trevlig artikel i NT, i helgen. Det tackar vi för.
Nu är det verkligen officiellt att jag bor och verkar i Norrköping! ;)

Här kan ni läsa artikeln online

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What do you get …

On 21, Feb 2011 | 9 Comments | In Design Blog, My Designs | By :Peter

… if you put 32 bold guys together!?










A rendezvous with a bunch of hairy women!

Seriously …
RENDEZVOUS is a chandelier designed for those special meetings. That important business meeting or that personal date. Which ever – it’s about communication, contact and changing of words. Enlightfull meetings, in short.

Read/check out the motivation of the jury about the Award of Honour of the Green Furniture Award 2011

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Award of Honour

Green Furniture Award 2011

Peter Mäkelä
’Rendezvous Chandelier’

The motivation of the jury;
”Shines a light on personal meetings and communication thanks to its sweeping multiplication of face silhouettes.”

What do you get if you put 32 bald guys together!? ;)

See all the winners at the Green Furniture-web

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Blödarsjuka för Dummies

It’s about bloody time – It’s finally finnished!
We started working on this important product about a year ago – and here it is. You may wonder why this product even exists. Well, there are so much prejudices and lack of knowledge about hemophilia. So we felt it’s important to get the information out there, to family, friends and the public. We chose to do it in a lighter and slightly humoristic manner, in a way easy to grasp and fun to read, also appeal to broader target group.

Please take the time and read through it. See the previews or the whole pdf-brochure on the links below. We would appreciate if you spread this broschure to others you think would consider this information important. Thank you.

See/download the whole broschure – or get your own copy through:

FBIS (Föreningen blödarsjuka i Sverige/Swedish Hemophilia Society)
Send a mail to FBIS or visit

Thank you to everyone involved. Great job you all!

(This has been a Paizano Pro Bono-project)

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At home with Fredrick Federley (article)

In todays Expressens Extra you can read about a nice At Home with-article at the wellknown politician Fredrick Federley. Most fun is that you can see my creations in the newly decorated home, like my wallpaper Pride Romance and table Blue Print.

“Cozy. The wallpaper ‘Pride Romance’ in the bedroom is one of Fredrick Federleys favourites in his flat”

“You can find alot of Fredricks personality in the interior. He chose the wallpaper in his bedroom ‘Pride Romance’ from the ‘Pride Collection’. If you look closely you’ll see it’s really dirty, he says with a big smile and tells us about when he told his mother about it she nearly flipped when she saw the details.”

Fredrick also has a large dinner table with the pattern ‘Blue Print’, in happy “Center party-green”. The pattern is exactly what it’s called a blue print – but over my old flat, and my neighbours!
Read more about Blue Print

You can buy both of my designs, ‘Pride Romance’ and ‘Blue Print’ through my producer Design M (Designmäklarna).

Read the online-article here

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Nice table Federley!

On 13, Sep 2010 | 10 Comments | In Design Blog, My Designs | By :Peter

This weekend got the politician Fredrick Federleys apartment styled, by Designmäklarna! Here’e a teaser picture from his kitchen. The lamp is a classic from Luceplan; Costanza Grande.
The black and beautiful cups are designed by Marie-Louise Hellgrens. And the table with the pattern ‘Blue Print’ is by me! Fun huh!?

Now on thursday, sept 16th you can read about the homestyling at Mr Federleys place, in Expressen. Me personally is very curious about the bedroom, I heard some rumours about that he’s got my Pride Romance pattern in there … in hot pink and black!

Read more…

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Thanks for a great release at Scandic Malmen!

On 28, Jul 2010 | No Comments | In Design Blog, Pride Collection | By :Peter

Jag är jättenöjd med gårdagen, synd bara att man är så förbannat trött och sliten i och med all bröllopshysteri … Bara 2 dagar kvar! Inse, sen är man hooked 4 life. Iallafall tack Camilla Näslund för en strålande insats. Kul att träffa dig Anna Viktorsson.

Read more…

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 [report]

On 14, Feb 2010 | 8 Comments | In Design Blog, Furniture, My Designs | By :Peter

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010 was a great success. It’s hard to sum up the whole amazing week in short. It was so jam packed with exciting meetings, introductions and releases … But I can for sure say that the most fun of it all are all the new and interesting co-operations with aware and openminded producers. That believe in me and my far out ideas! So keep your eyes open soon you’ll see a number of my collections on the market. First out is CROP Carpets Collection for A-Carpet. After that Pride Collection for Design M. And more to come …

Things I will remember for a long time are; The CROP Carpet and green design chat with Maud OlofssonAndrea Ruggieros kind words. The walk about with deputy primeminister, Olle Melkerhed Not-loosing his camera. The release party of Design M’s showroom. And of course all the wonderful visitors and collegues.

Thank you all for your wonderfull support! See you next year.

The popular Crop Carpet stand Deputy primeminister Maud Olofsson stopped by and discussed green design. She loved the rug! The Design Team of Design M (Seller Stand) The wallpaper 'Coathangers' The Pride Romance pattern in the background Table designed by PM in High pressure laminate (hpl) La Table with the Pride Romance pattern The designer in front of his grand mouse; 'Ear Candy'

By the way …
Peter Mäkelä were also the graphic stylist of the ‘Seller – Learn & Earn Stand’ (in the entrance hall), together with Ola Rune (CKR), the artistic consultant.

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